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Which Apps Help Your Businesses During The Work From Home Phase?

Working from home has immense potential that allows both employees and organizations to have more freedom, flexibility and convenience. It has empowered workers all over the world, helping them reduce stress by eliminating long daily commutes, and at the same time boost productivity and quality of work. The advent of digital connectivity has ensured that workplace communication can take place seamlessly and uninterrupted.

Apps Help Your Businesses During The Work From Home

Remote working also promotes a healthier work-life balance which can be truly beneficial for employees and their mental and physical health. This in turn reflects positively in their productivity and quality of work, fostering prosperity and progress for the organization in whole.

The many benefits of working from home has led to more and more organizations embracing

a hybrid working model that allows employees to work from home for a few days each week. Some have even stretched to completely switching to a work from home model.

None of this would be possible without advancements of the internet, software and apps that bridge the gap and connect employees to each other so that neither convenience nor communication suffers. In fact, these apps have allowed both aspects to thrive, and make remote working a breeze.

So, whether you're a business that's enacting a new remote work policy or a freelancer looking to add to your toolset, try out these top four work from home apps below to get started:

1.   JioMeet

JioMeet is one of the newest video conferencing apps on the market. It is a free app that is secure, safe and easy-to-use. JioMeet is a great video conferencing app not only for small and medium enterprises but also for large corporations. It allows up to 1000 participants to join making it an incredibly useful and reliable video conferencing for business app.

The user interface on JioMeet is clean, precise and has been designed for convenience. JioMeet also supports Indian languages which further enhances its accessibility, making it suitable for a wider audience in all parts of the country. Entrepreneurs who are looking forward to growing their enterprise can harness the potential of JioMeet for effective communication with their employees, distributors, partners and clients. Harness the collaborative potential of group discussions by using the functional and practical ‘Whiteboard’ feature on JioMeet. It enables users to express their ideas and share them with their colleagues effortlessly.

Content sharing is easy with JioMeet as it offers good connectivity, high-quality video and audio calls and most importantly, it is free for anyone to use. There are also no limitations on usage on the JioMeet app, so you can have meetings as often and for as long as you choose. Another benefit of using JioMeet for video conferencing is the ability to transfer calls between devices. It allows you to stay in touch no matter where you are!

2.   Google Workspace

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a collection of tools, which are ideal for people working from home. It's collaborative and flexible in nature, which makes it especially useful for remote workers who are required to liaise with colleagues on a regular basis.

Google Workspace is a great option for large corporations as it has multiple choices of paid plans for their services which include access to a full suite of Google products and services. These include Gmail with your company’s own domain name, Calendar, Docs, Meet, Chat, Sheets, Slides and more.

There is a free trial option that you can avail and use the services of Google Workspace for up to 14 days. However, since it is a paid service, there are certain limitations of Google Workspace for small and medium businesses and new enterprises. As compared to other work from home apps that are free, Google Workspace is a paid service and could therefore not be affordable for some enterprises.

3.   Zoom

For people working from home, Zoom is a vital form of communication that guarantees face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients. It is one of the most popular video conferencing, audio and chat apps all over the world. The popularity of Zoom grew considerably during the pandemic as people had no option but to work from home.

Zoom is a helpful communication app for enterprises to use for internal communication as it is free and quite easy to use. All you need to do is create a virtual chat room, and send a link to your employees or colleagues, and they can join instantly.

Communication between two users can be unlimited on Zoom. However, there are some drawbacks of the app such as a 40-minute time limit on video conferencing between more than two people. Zoom users with a premium plan can circumvent this time limit. Although for users with a Basic (free) plan, the time limit still applies.

4.   JioAttendance

Speaking of apps that facilitate working from home, JioAttendance is unique and a truly useful tool for organizations. Besides the aforementioned apps that enable video, audio and chat communication within the organization and more, JioAttendance delivers a different but much needed solution. JioAttendance is an AI-based contactless attendance tracking system with live facial recognition and other attractive features. Its unique characteristics enable business organizations to manage the workforce efficiently, and securely.

It also acts as an attendance management system for employees, and grants specific functionalities for the HR Department, Managers and other Admin members at the organization. JioAttendance also provides real-time location mapping and tracking to enhance efficiency and allow for greater transparency.

Another helpful feature on JioAttendance is the Real Time Dashboard with access to analytics for easier management and increased productivity. You can also use JioAttendance to easily manage employee leaves, handle travel claim processing, payroll and other administrative activities.

5.   Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to toggle between messaging, sharing documents, and interacting over video calls with your team members. It is one of the most widely used communication apps for businesses and other commercial enterprises.

Video conferencing, audio calls, screen sharing, and interactive sessions between a large group of people can be executed with Microsoft Teams. It allows up to 10,000 individuals to join a meeting or webinar at once without any time limits on the duration. Microsoft Teams is also integrated with other Microsoft services such as Outlook. This allows you to schedule meetings more efficiently and send invitations via email with ease.

You can also add external guests to your meetings, calls and webinars on Microsoft Teams thereby allowing seamless communication with clients, vendors and other people outside your organization. External guests can access Microsoft Teams via a web browser without having to download the app itself. This makes it very convenient for users and facilitates uninterrupted communication. 

The above-mentioned top work-from-home tools and apps will make your working day much slicker and simpler. With the help of these apps and programmes, you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and clients and execute all your tasks without any obstacles. Working from home will be a walk in the park for the employees and give business owners and executives a sense of relief by enabling them to run their organization smoothly and systematically. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these apps today. Thank us, later! 

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