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How Data Abstraction Services Subtract Data Bloat and Add Value to Enterprise Data

How Data Abstraction Services Subtract Data Bloat and Add Value to Enterprise Data

The cleaner your enterprise data, the clearer the path for your business’s progress. You should always aim to have the best quality data in your database to keep your company’s operations running in peak condition and maintain market position. This goal, however, is not easy to achieve as there are the challenges of both high data volume and accompanying errors. You must perform quality data management to rectify those errors and make the data intelligent and actionable. Data abstraction falls under that umbrella.

Why data abstraction? It’s because the process helps remove the unwanted data that is present in the database and provides a concise view of a file’s contents. Called data bloat, it is the excess data that accompanies the necessary data segments. It could come directly from the source or maybe the result of actions performed on the data by your organization. Data bloat may confuse when the data is being used. It also wastes precious data storage space while slowing down your data management and processing pipelines.

Hence, there is a direct correlation between having abstract data at your disposal and your company’s productivity. If you’re wondering how this will work for your company's industry niche, then this blog is for you. Read on to learn about the advantages document abstraction can bring to your organization and how you will benefit if you outsource data abstraction services.


Data Abstraction Services

1. Contract Abstraction

Mutually beneficial deals keep the wheels of businesses moving toward progress. And those deals are settled based on important terms of the agreement. Contracts are the physical representation of those terms, with legally enforced authentication that binds the businesses to the terms laid out in them.

Naturally, such an important document will have all of those terms elaborated upon as clearly as possible to prevent ambiguity from creeping into it and causing cracks to appear in the partnership.

However, at times, this necessary elaboration can prove to be a burden, especially if the writing is verbose. You may need to get to a certain point in a hurry but will have to go through the entire section before landing on it and isolating it. There is a significant loss of time and other resources when this happens.

Data abstraction prevents this situation from occurring by providing you with the salient terms of the contract only for easy reference. Experts go through the contracts you want abstracted and extract the most relevant content that suits your requirements. With this concise contract view, your business partnerships can be better maintained and interacted with.

2. Lease Abstraction

The lease abstraction process follows closely on the heels of contract abstraction, as both are fundamentally the same. The difference lies in the fact that leases apply to both businesses and individual lessors, whereas the term contracts refer to those signed between two or more business entities. This difference is important because business owners tend to be savvier concerning real estate dealings than individuals.

Through lease data abstraction, you can extract the legal terms mentioned in the lease agreement document and simplify it for novices. It gets rewritten such that all applicable terms are mentioned, with the important items like the lease period, address, etc., highlighted via a table or bullet points. This simplifies the understanding for all parties involved, including the legal teams, and helps start or end leases smoothly.

3. Biographic Data Abstraction

Marketing has gotten a lot more rewarding thanks to extensive details extracted about the target audience. On the list of those data types is biographic data, which refers to information about an individual’s personality, skills, attitudes, and experiences. Along with these, the person’s biometric data could also be present, like their fingerprint, iris scan, etc., to give the complete picture of them in some cases, such as for government IDs.

As can be inferred from the above list of attributes, a person’s biographic data represents a vast collection of detailed content. It can become difficult to retrieve the particular data required from the list, especially as it gets updated with new content regularly. Therefore, abstraction needs to be applied here. You can get your target audience’s profiles prepared with a high level of accuracy that helps you predict their future behavior based on their past.

This improved predictability increases your ROI for marketing and sales. Teams in both departments too will thank you for easing their workload concerning activities like preparing the right pitch, getting to target the best outlet where the customers are likely to shop, etc.

4. News Abstraction

The world has moved from consuming content that is lengthy and information-laden. The trend today is to consume content in bite-sized format on the go, with a focus mainly on the highlights.

News organizations have had to embrace this new formula to survive this fast-paced age, especially with the emergence of apps that present their content concisely. Your news portal has to adapt if it has to be seen by the new generation. But at the same time, you cannot trim the content to such an extent that they miss out on vital information.

Ensuring this is how your news articles and other types of content end up is the job of data abstraction experts. They can pick apart a lengthy report into various segments and arrange them based on their importance to the overall story. They then rewrite the content to reduce the length while retaining the main points of the news report.

You can use this to publish your story on your app, on a third-party news app, in daily newsletters sent via email, or anywhere else necessary. It also helps with easy archiving and referencing, especially if a summary of the article is present in the file.

5. Clinical Abstraction

Did you know that the healthcare sector contributes the largest share of enterprise data to the total pool generated worldwide annually? Besides the need to jot down every detail about everything in appropriate reports, there is also a vast number of regulations to be followed while doing so. These conditions apply to not only internal administrative and patient-related documents but also external ones like insurance companies and regulatory authorities.

Anyone seeking information that may be present in one or more documents will struggle immensely for it. This issue can be mitigated with clinical data abstraction. The abstraction experts here will be acquainted with applicable medical standards and be familiar with the medical field in general. Therefore, they can scrutinize the vast amount of content present in every file and summarize it without loss of precision. It helps with quick retrieval and referencing, something that comes in very handy when dealing with critical care situations.

6. Research Paper Abstraction

Academic institutions, research facilities, government departments, and companies will contain mountains of research-related documents. These documents are vital to the progress and other aspects of ongoing, past, and future research. They also play a crucial role in maintaining the IP gained from the research. But, as with any technical document, research papers too are riddled with a lot of data that can take a long time to discern for different purposes. Data abstraction can help here. For instance, journal paper abstraction can produce short data summaries with critical details.

You can further reduce the trouble people have to go through to get what they want from the papers if you engage document abstraction services providers. Experts with a background in academic writing will parse through the many applicable research papers and extract pertinent points from them. These can be accumulated and written as the papers’ respective summaries or briefs for press releases and other such requirements.


Enterprise data is an ever-growing entity that cannot be restricted if a company is to survive in any market. What instead can be done is manage it in ways that benefit your organization, particularly the removal or minimization of errors like data bloating. Data abstraction is one of the many tools that can help in enterprise data processing. Outsource data abstraction services, and you won’t have to expend excess effort and resources to get the information you want when you want it. It will be there for you in a digestible format, saving you those resources and ready to accelerate your business operations across the board.

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