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7 Best android app development tools for building a fantastic android app

If you want to hire an android app development company. This blog is for you.

Android is the dominating most used operating system worldwide. Most companies build apps for multiple devices.

If you want to build an excellent android app you will require the best tools. There are many android development tools you can choose from because the android market is quite huge.

android app development tools

According to StatCounter, the android operating market holds 71.43% of the global market share. It shows that Google play is one of the biggest apps in the world that currently had 3.48 million apps.

Moreover, android app development has become easier with several tools being offered to mobile developers. That helps in maximizing quality, speed, and working efficiency.

If you are looking for the best android app development tools for building a fantastic android app reading this blog will help you with that.

Let’s have a look.

What is android app development?

Android app development is software development dedicated to creating an app for devices that run on the android platform. Java is used as an official language for android app development.

Moreover, several types of programming languages are involved in android app development. In current times react native has become popular for creating applications.

React native allows developers for creating both android and iOS apps. Developers use C++ and Kotlin for android app development.

Advantages of android app development

  •      Open-source operating system with a majority of community support.
  •       Google guidelines are there for designing android applications.
  •       Due to fragmentation, the application can run on two activities on a single screen.
  •       It's easier to release an android app on the Google play store compared to other platforms.

Disadvantages of android app development

  •             Fragmentation has some drawbacks.
  •             Due to android devices being very broad, testing the become complex.
  •          The development and testing consume time which significantly increases the cost.
  •      These are some advantages and disadvantages of android app development. Now you can Hire Android app developers

7 Best android app development tools for building a fantastic android app

Here is a list of the best android app development tools for building a fantastic android app. With the help of the right set of tool app development become much easier.

1.      Android Studio

Android Studio brings modern-day android app development tools. They have many essential android development tools that are available in the android studio like ADB (Android debug bridge), AVD manager, and Android studio dolphin.

Moreover, if you are building a native android app, must work in android studio. They have deep knowledge of android that helps developers to make the best android app.

Important features.

·    Layout editor allows you to quickly review your layouts on different android devices.

·         With a fast emulator, you can test like an actual android smartphone.

·         APK analyzer allows users to see the composition of APKs after they are built.

·         A flexible build system allows developers to create different build variants.

·  An intelligent code editor made it possible to write quality code faster. Supporting languages are Java, Kotlin, and C.


Large community


Easy to learn


Easy to configure




 It’s completely free to use and there is no paid plan. Let’s see IntelliJ

2.      IntelliJ

This is another IDE. It’s an environment that helps developers to accelerate the process of android app development.

In addition, IntelliJ has the best characteristic which is context-aware code completion and analysis.

Important features.

·         Useful diagrams for analysis

·         Structural search and replace

·         Framework specific navigation

·         Project-wide refactoring

·         Various accessibility features

·         Language injections




Smart code completion


Accessible layout


Efficient git integration




·         For the organization, it's euro 499.0 per year, and the monthly bill is euro 49.90 per year.

·         For individual users, it's euro 149.00 yearly and euro 14.90 monthly.

3.      GitHub

If you haven’t written code in a quite long time. We are presenting GitHub.It boasts the largest developer communities in the world with 80+ million members.

It’s a platform for android app developers by which they can track changes and versions of their code and team to collaborate.

Moreover, GitHub simplifies everything so much that even a novice can learn to use it. You can easily merge changes to the code with the main version.

Important features

·         Public repositories

·         Private repositories

·         GitHub copilot

·         Team discussions 

·         2FA

·         Scanning code for vulnerabilities

·         Issue tracking



In-depth documentation

Very versatile

Many integrations with other platforms

Detailed search function



·         Free plan

·         Team plan : $44user per year


4.      Postman

This is the best android development tool when it comes to APIs. This platform help developers modify build and test APIs efficiently.

Moreover, it’s a collaborative tool that helps teams to work together in building APIs in a virtual workspace.

Important features

·         Monitoring

·         GraphQL support

·         Built-in libraries

·         Collaborative workspaces

·         Mock servers

·         Variable support

·         Collection-level info


User friendly

Numerous functionalities

REST, GRAPHQL requests, and SOAP


·         Free plan for up to three users

·         The basic plan cost $12 per month

·         Professional plan cost $36 per month and $29 annually

·         The enterprise plan cost $99 per user


5.      Charles Proxy

Charles is one of the most important tools for android app development. It allows the tester to view SSL and HTTP traffic between the internet and the app.

Moreover, it is capable of responses and request monitoring. Android developers and testers quickly pick up the error with Charles Proxy.

Important features

·         Bandwidth throttling

·         Ajax

·         SSL proxying

·         Auto-configuration of  browser and system proxy settings

·         AMF

·         W3C validator for HTML, CSS, and RSS/atom responses


Good UX

Saves a lot of time for developers

Simulates slower connections



·         User license cost $50 per computer

·         Site license cost $400


6.      LeakCanary

No one is better than LeakCanary when it comes to plugging memory leaks in Android. It has a library filled with the knowledge of android framework that allows for finding causes for specific leaks.

In addition, when it was first introduced it prevents 94% of out-of-memory crashes. It is best  android app development software tool.

Important features

·         destroyed Fragment instances

·         destroyed Fragment View instances

·         destroyed Activity instances

·         cleared View Model instances

·         destroyed Service instance


Open source

Makes it easy to correct memory leaks

Immediately notifies when leaks happen



It is a free tool that supports it in many ways.

·         Contribute to Help Wanted issues

·         Give feedback on pull requests

·         Answer stack overflow questions

·         Provide code by forking the repository on GitHub and sending a pull request


7.      Shake

Shake is the best bug-reporting tool. You just have to shake your device when you notice a bug and it automatically gets reported.

Plus, this saves a lot of time in debugging and is useful for dev and QA teams that want high-quality apps by utilizing bug reports so that order can be improved.

Important features

·         Screen recording

·         Make your UI

·         Capture logs

·         Offline use

·         Real-time data visualization

·         Multiple workspaces

·         Free integrations




Easy setup

Extensive customer support

No charge for extra seats

Infinite team members



·         Free plan

·         The premium plan cost $50 per active app per month


Android app development is a complex task the above-mentioned tools will help you in sorting out the complexity.

Moreover, several tools have unique features and use. If you want to learn more about android app development you can contact android app developers.

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