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Why .NET Core is Good for Your Software Development

Now is the era of change! Unlike before, developing web applications per a business unit’s needs is much easier today. Whether they need to build scalable, robust, secure, feature-rich, or flexible web apps, there are multiple technologies to support this decision. 

Today, we will keep this article focused on one such popular technology - the .Net core framework. Let’s look into its various benefits and reasons why you should consider hiring good .net core developers and start building your web application. 

But before we do so, let us brief you about .Net core! 

Introducing .Net Core 

Developed by Microsoft’s .Net Foundation, it is a cross-platform successor of the previously-used .Net framework. It supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it flexible as a technology

One of the most interesting features of .Net core is that it allows one to use several other technologies for microservices. Besides bringing the cross-platform aspect, it shares API with the ASP.Net framework. 

Why Should You Choose .Net Core for your Project? 

1.                It’s open-source 

One of the first and foremost reasons for choosing .Net core is because it is open-source. dot net developers can access the framework code from portals like Github to use them as they are, modify it, review it, or contribute to the open-source community. 

Since the code is managed by Microsoft along with the community, it is scalable, secure, up-to-date, and flexible. The developers or businesses can easily get support from the community for their various development issues. It is also possible to customize the code extensively which isn’t quite possible with other frameworks. 

2.           Cross-platform support 

The fact that it is cross-platform compatible makes it an excellent choice as it caters to a broader section of the audience. Though .Net core is built to be used and developed on Windows devices only, developers can use any device to build the web applications as long as they use Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. 

Besides, the applications built using .Net core follow the principle of ‘build once run anywhere’. So, developers can build cross-platform applications seamlessly using the technology. 

3.           Unmatched performance 

A framework is considered a must-have because of its impeccable performance and the .Net core holds on to this concept. It is scalable, flexible, feature-rich, and reusable, and has codes that are easier to manage. 

The core libraries of .Net core and tool optimization make it possible for anyone and everyone to build stellar web solutions. Features like automating code optimization while compiling the code further improve its performance. 

With the new Kestrel web server, it is even better and faster as a framework. The web framework keeps getting upgrades with unique features such as quick release cycles, optimized memory, space allocation, etc. making it preferable for developing web apps, cloud apps, and IoT applications. 

4.           Developer tools 

When you hire dedicated net developers, they will not only be proficient with the .Net core coding but will also have the knowledge and experience to work with the developer tools. Since it allows using one of the best IDEs available in the market - Visual Studio, developing advanced and feature-rich apps would become easier. 

The IDE comes with advanced features like unit testing, profiling, debugging, GIT integration, code completion, etc. to ease the development process. Besides the IDE, there are plenty of other development tools available that can further ease the development process. 

A few examples of such tools are – Jetbrains, Resharper, Nuget, Stackify, Octopus, SQL Multi Script, etc. 

5.           Razor pages 

Razor pages is a new addition to the .Net core framework to improve the performance of web applications and ensure development is more managed and focused. The razor page feature makes it possible for the code to be less complex as each app contains its separate views. 

Developers also have the option to manage or organize these codes in a better manner. So, productivity is improved along with the performance and scalability of the built applications. 

6.           Feature-rich 

Developing advanced applications with unique features is mostly possible because .Net core was built for it. The framework has a plethora of features like - 

  • Package management. 
  • Language independence. 
  • Garbage collection. 
  • Multi-language support. 
  • Asynchronous programming. 
  • Automatic memory management. 

7.           Versatile 

When we say it is versatile, we mean it. Building applications with .Net core provides developers with immense flexibility. What if you change your plan midway to develop a mobile app instead of a web app? 

All the codes and development efforts will be wasted. But with .Net core, you have the option to save it. It allows developers to switch from developing web applications to mobile apps or desktop apps at any point in time, as your project demands. Thus, greater flexibility! 

These are some of the noteworthy reasons to choose .Net core for software development. It provides you with a secure, scalable, and flexible environment to develop feature-rich apps. You can further hire a dot net programmer and leverage these features and build applications with advanced capabilities.

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