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What is the Renewal Policy for Safe Agile Certification Course?

Safe Agile Certification Course

The Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe has emerged as a powerful course for people working in software development and other projects as a way of improving their skills. It offers various certifications that are related to agile software development. However, the SAFe agile certification must be renewed periodically; The discussion goes into detail about the renewal policy for the course.


Firstly, there are several types of SAFe courses, including SAFe Agilist (SA), SAFe Practitioner (SP), and SAFe Scrum Master (SSM), among countless others. Different certifications may have different renewal policies. As far as SA goes, the certificate must be renewed after one year. That means the certificate will become invalid after one year from the date on it.


How can one renew the SAFe certification?

To renew the SAFe certification, all one needs to do is pay the required fee. The fee has to be paid at the end of the year. On the failure to pay the fee within the year, the certificate is said to have expired. The candidate shall have up to 90 days to renew the certificate.


Apart from paying the fee, there will be no additional requirements. There are, for example, no additional training programs or exams. Merely paying the fee is enough to renew the certificate.


For the purpose of renewal of a certificate, one must log into the official website. Here, one can easily pay the desired fee. Once that is done, one can now download the new certificates that shall show the additional validity of one year. This process must be repeated every year as long as one wants to keep the certification active.


Must one renew the SAFe certification?

It is easy to wonder whether one should renew the certificate as it will cost money. However, it is crucial to do so as that is the only way to ensure that the certification is still valid. The certificate will be useless if it is to renewed, and all one’s hard work in acquiring it will be wasted as one shall no longer be able to get the various benefits for acquiring the course.

This requirement of renewal may create some doubts in the minds of candidates looking to enroll in SAFe certification. However, the incredible benefits of SAFe certification still outweigh the financial investment. And in fact, it is an expense that pays for itself many times in terms of significant improvements in income arising from the additional learned skills.


The Bottom Line

To wrap up, SAFe Agile Certification must be renewed at the end of every year for it to stay effective, and it is a smart choice to do the same. Agility has come to be one of the most desired and, thus, also the most awarded quality in the commercial world. Having a certification that boosts professional expertise in various techniques relating to this technique is highly desirable, even if one must renew the course over time, especially as the certificate increases one’s earning potential dynamically.

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