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Paymath: Complete Guide of Paymath Login and Use

If you want to make extra money online with your smart phone and computer, then you can try on Paymath login. In this you can earn money by correcting math problems and it is completely legal. Other point of earning program where you can solve math problems to accumulate points, the total points (1000) is converted to 1 USD. You can also earn through invite and you will receive 100 USD for every successful invite.


What is Paymath?

It is a great choice for anyone who wants a simple platform. In the Philippines people can withdraw money from Paymath using local payment gateways like Smart Padala and Paymaya. In this article we show you how to sign up and log in to Paymath on the official website. New users need to register a new account and if you are already a customer, you should use the Paymath login link only.

Paymath Official Login Requirements:

  •          Computer, smart device like phone, leptop and tablet
  •          Internet with good speed
  •         Authentic login and password
  •          Its URL of the login page.
  •          Current browser generation

How to Login Paymath?

  •          Firstly Go to the Login page or click on official link paymath-official.net.
  •          After that submit your email or password, and click on submit button.
  •          Then login screen appears on successful login.
  •          You are currently logged on successfully to your Account and start work.

How to Register Paymath?

Paymath registration process is very easy; you have follow to some steps as:

1. Create new Account:

  •        Go to your official site https://www.paymath-official.net/signup and create a new Paymath account.
  •       Go to the Official Sign Up page and fill the registration form correctly and submit it successfully.

2. Get Paymath Activation Code:

  • ·      After fill form and proceed, activate the account and enjoy all the features and services of Paymath easily.
  •        You have to fill in your information like email address, name and password than click on the Submit button to complete the Procedure to register PayMath account.

How Do You Earn in PayMath?

In Paymath two ways to earn money online through Math Solving and Invite.

1. Math Solving: In math solving method simple you will have to solve a basic math problem those available in the dashboard. If you are not good at math please don't worry, it is just basic math problem like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

You will get 1 point for every math problem you solve and no limit to point earned. You 1000 points accumulated to get 1 U.S dollars are around 50 Php.

2. Invite (Direct Referral): For every invite you can earn at least 2 USD (600Php). Your down link every member that you successfully invited will be under your level.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is Paymath?

Ans. It is a 100% legal program, in which you can earn money online using a smart phone or computer.

2. Who is the CEO of PayMath?

Ans. Patrick A Ahad

3. How Much Do I Have to Earn Before you Can Get Paid?

Ans. You need to have at least $120 USD.

4. How to Receive/Withdraw your PayMath Earnings?

Ans. There are many withdrawing your Paymath earnings are PayMaya, Smart Padala, Coins.ph or GCASH. There is also a method for Bank payment but subject to approval. 

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