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PNPCoda: Complete Guide of Login & Registration on PNP Coda Portal

What is PNPCoda?

PNPCODA stands for Philippines National Police COVID-19 data and analysis database for Covid-19 vaccination in the Philippines. Both Philippines natives and police officers is saved data of vaccination in online portal. About 26,000 policemen currently working under PNP CODA. In this portal saved all vaccination information whose police officers are first refused to vaccinate are not vaccinated.

If you are want to use the data then follow some simple instructions. PNPCoda help to create a personal account and all staff members should have one account and generated password also.

Here if you follow some guidelines, you can get a free portal on logging into PNPCoda without any issue. So learn here about login, registration and password forgets options of portal.

PNPCoda Login:

If you want login on PNPCoda portal in the Philippines helps you can access the online portal of Covid-19 vaccinated nationals. It is very simple but you need to use your ID and Password. You follow below steps as:

·         Firstly, open web browser on your computer or smart phone.

·         Then open website on your browser : https://pnpcoda.net/

·         Click login option and enter your details as username and password.

·         Then click on login button.

But have an issue on site and not open your system, then you can make a simple tweaks and then everything will be okay. Sometime, some people using VPN access a regional website outside that region. If you are not want the VPN, then try these some points.

·         Try a new web browser

·         Restart your computer

·         Internet connection check

·         Reconnect internet network

·         Use secure or Incognito(Private) windows

Pnpcoda. Net 

  • Firstly, go to website https://pnpcoda.net/
  • Then enter your information as name, phone number or email and date of birth. Select Next
  • Get verification code on your phone and email. Select Next 
  • And then login pnp coda platform and use all features

PNPCoda Signup:

·         If you want signup, Then follow below steps

·         Open site in a browser: https://pnpcoda.net/

·         Fill registration form with your details as name, email and phone number

·         Click "next" button

·    Then you will get a conformation code on your registered mail id or phone number

·         Then enter code and click "next" button.

It is difficult to navigate:

It is a government-sponsored website. It provides detailed information about the global pandemic situation and Covid-19 inoculation data. So if you are probably wondering if the PNPCODA website is safe to use. It is government-sponsored website only allows you to register if you have permission to use it. So, you will be able to navigate the website easily and avoid issues.


·         PNP Coda is a secure website

·         It's monitors all Philippines living in the country’s to check vaccination status

·         It is obviously administration site.

·        It is easy to use and working with gigantic measures of information clear.

FAQs about PNP Coda:

What precisely is Pnpcoda?

Ans. According to the World Health Organization, it is a website in Philippines that keeps record data of individuals who has been immunized and who hasn’t in Covid-19. It's site is utilized by the public authority and just approved clients can utilize it.

How to Create a QR Code Using Pnpcoda.net site?

Ans. The produce of get the QR code on Pnpcoda site is the labourers should give their record number, pay stub, or date of birth and for the Civilians giving the date of birth is must of labourer.

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