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When should businesses consider implementing Conga CPQ?

 Conga CPQ

Over the years, businesses have witnessed a large acceptance of technologies like Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to overcome the slowness of manual quotes and spreadsheets. In the constantly evolving world of technologies, Conga CPQ  has emerged as a catalyst for companies looking to speed up their sales process and redefine the way they do business. Conga CPQ acts like a smart assistant that knows your products inside-out and helps your sales teams manage the entire customer journey with ease, from each stage of the process to the final sale.

This sales tool is not only implemented for a faster sales cycle but also for a smarter sales process. It empowers your sales representatives with the right and latest information to quote the right price, even for the most complex product/service configurations.

For any sales issues, Conga CPQ is the answer. However, companies may wonder when they should implement a CPQ tool.

Let us discuss more about it in the blog.

Heading 1: Introduction to Conga CPQ

What Is Conga CPQ?

Conga CPQ is a powerful and advanced configure, price, and quote software solution — a sales tool – that helps sales representatives quickly configure even the most complex product and/or service requests, determine the right pricing, and generate accurate quotes instantly.

It is the perfect sales navigation tool that enables sales representatives to quickly turn tricky customization requests into sales; plus, it suggests the best add-ons, combinations, upsells, or cross-sell products to increase deal size.

In simple terms, it simplifies the entire sales process from the moment a customer makes an inquiry to the final sales.

Conga CPQ enables your sales teams to cut down the manual work, eliminate errors, keep up with the latest pricing, accelerate sales cycle, and improve customer satisfaction. But these features and benefits alone should not be criteria to get Conga CPQ for your company. Organizations should do a thorough assessment to understand if a CPQ should be implemented. Let’s discuss that next.

When Is the Right Time for Businesses to Implement Conga CPQ?

Any growing enterprise that starts experiencing a slow sales cycle, delay in approvals due to manual processing, losing deals because of quoting errors, or sensing disorganization within your sales team, it is time to think of CPQ. Or, if there is a lack of visibility in your sales pipeline, you need a sales tool like Conga CPQ.

Conga CPQ is an effective software solution that simplifies everyday tasks, centralizes data, offers keen insights into sales, and ensures your data is always accurate. Identifying the right moment to implement Conga CPQ can significantly impact your sales team's efficiency. Here are some signs to watch for:

   Complex Products/ Services – If your sales team spends more time on configuring, customizing, and quoting product offerings than actually selling the product then a CPQ is the need of the hour!

     Manual Processes – When sales teams manually work on spreadsheets to organize products, create quotes, figure the final pricing, and await approvals instead of engaging with the customer, CPQ offers a way out.

     Missed Opportunities – Generating inaccurate quotes often results in lost deals. That’s a few wrong figures or an error in quoting can mean missing out on a potential customer. If you are noticing missed opportunities, it is a sign you need a CPQ to avoid costly quoting errors.  

   Growth and Scalability – As enterprises grow, they need scalable solutions to handle new additions, accommodate new product lines, and define rules for pricing, discounts, regions, customers, and more. CPQ becomes an invaluable tool when processing large volumes of data without compromising on efficiency or accuracy.

   Outdated Data – When your sales reps struggle with outdated data lost in spreadsheets or silos, it can be challenging to create correct and quick quotes. In these situations, a CPQ can be a quick and effective remedy.

The Benefits of Integrating Conga CPQ and Salesforce

Conga CPQ and Salesforce integration offers a blend of capabilities and a single, unified platform that enables teams to manage the entire sales process effectively and efficiently. This integration utilizes the best of both the partners to streamline sales operations, improve quoting accuracy, and win more deals.

This integration centralizes the customer data and ensures the information is up-to-date data. Your sales representatives can use this data to offer personalized experiences and delight the customers. Also, accessing crucial data with a click can help your teams engage better with the customers and discover new opportunities.

Conga CPQ along with Salesforce can reduce the risk of errors, lost deals, and reduce profit margins.

Conga CPQ Documentation and Training

The comprehensive documentation of Conga CPQ services as a roadmap, guiding users through the entire process from set up to customization options. Every aspect of the solutions is listed in detail to help users effortlessly learn and understand the system. The documentation provides detailed instructions, best practices, and insightful tips to use the system effectively. 

Conga CPQ offers extensive training programs tailored to fit various roles within an organization, including sales representatives, administrators, and IT professionals.

Learn the essential topics such as system configuration, quote generation, and product catalog management and equip yourselves with the necessary skills to not only navigate the platform effectively but also enable them to optimize the sales process, ensuring accuracy in quoting and contributing significantly to their organization's success.


In summary, Conga CPQ is a tool, a complete system that transforms sales processes and simplifies complex sales cycles from start to finish. When integrated with Salesforce, it creates a powerful, unified platform that streamlines operations, improves quote accuracy, and boosts sales success. This combination not only offers a smarter way to handle sales but also ensures personalized customer interactions through centralized, up-to-date data.

Choosing Conga CPQ requires careful consideration of your business's unique challenges and needs, from handling complex products to overcoming manual bottlenecks. With its extensive documentation and training programs, Conga CPQ ensures users across various organizational roles are well-equipped to utilize its full potential, thereby optimizing sales processes and contributing to overall business growth.

By leveraging the robust capabilities and extensive educational resources of Conga CPQ, companies can position themselves for success in today's competitive marketplace.

Author Byline: The author is a Senior Director of Business Architecture at Forsys Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the software development and IT industry, Punit possesses expertise in Contract Management, CPQ, Insurance, and software for the manufacturing industry domain.

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