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How to Exit Navigation in Google Step-Wise Process

Clients come with common problems when they use Google map for navigation or commuting to work. The main problem is that it keeps running behind when they stop navigating any location. It is a real problem because it gradually decreases the mobile charge.

It is often seen that navigation continues to process when we tap the Cross" X" button. We feel the navigation process stops after clicking the button, but the truth is it continuously processes behind the seen when we tap the "Home" button and turn off the screen.

Navigation is still running, and the background is still seen at the top corner of your mobile screen.

Is it permanent?

Even some people try a process.

Swipe down from the top of the screen, and Next tap the button Exit navigation" to stop the process, which takes a minimum of five seconds to disappear the navigation icon.

Is this normal, or have other better techniques to stop the Google Navigation Process because all of the above processes cost mobile data and mobile charge? Google's over processed is really causing anxiety and disturbance in the mind because tapping the "X" button on Google Maps does not close the program. It is just because the software is made in such a way. When we tap the Close Button "X" on your mobile phone, there are a high probability that Google map is still processing.

Some users also reported that the “Close Navigation" button does not work correctly and sends notifications.

In this article, we are going to focus on all these problems and try to resolve them one by one. So, stay with us till the end to get step by step solution.

So, let’s get started…

How to stop or pause the Google Navigation application? A step-by-step explanation

When you are using the Google Navigation application and want to exit the app, but it continues to proceed, and you don't understand what to do, it might be a serious technical issue. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you may have to take costly service to stop it. But we'll help you to resolve this problem in the right way without costing you money.

There are few multiple ways to stop the Google Navigation application. However, here are the simplest step-by-step guidelines to exit the application

  •         Open the direction you desire to stop in the Google navigation app
  •          Then you'll find three small dots in the left top corner of the screen
  •          Choose exit
  •         Then if you decide to save your current “ABC” location, then choose “Save location."

If you love exploring unknown places, the Google application is your best guide. It is the most useful application for real-time GPS navigation that provides instant information and guides you through the place. They also provide a review, and relevant information about the place, so you can make the right decision in any aspect. Thus, Google Map Navigation is a practical application used regularly.

The main problem comes when we want to exit the navigation application. However, there are two ways to stop processing the application. Some people use the multitasking menu, whereas others like to use the "X" button on their home screen.

Let's outline two processes one by one

Process 1:  Use the Home Button on the main screen

It is the first method to go with the home button of your smartphone. It will help users to take out of the application and return to the device's main screen. Here you just have to tap the “Home Button" & hold it until you notice the Google Application disappear. Once it disappears, you can release the “Home" button and successfully exit the application.

Process 2: Shortcut method

This method is appropriate if you want to exit the app and save your mobile data quickly. You can proceed by working with the multitasking menu. The task is accomplished by just switching up from the bottom of your mobile screen. It is a very shortcut method indeed!

The right process for using Google map voice command?

The process starts with the voice command in Voice Command like "Sending a text message."

Or “Setting a timer of minimum 10 minutes". This voice command is useful when you are busy with an office job or engage with a household chore or busy driving. You can take the advantage of Google assistant while working with Google map navigation process. Google assistant proceed by saying “Ok Google’; then use your command for further processing.

Shut down the Google assistant while the navigation process is on

  •      Switch off the vocal instruction by saying the command, "Mute the audio guidance."
  •           Command stops the audio part; meanwhile, the on-screen navigation will still be processed

Conclusive Thoughts

The exit of navigation application may stop processing several expressions retrieved from Google. After proper "Exit" no previous functions can be resumed.

Alert for Exit Navigation

If you want to close the navigation application entirely, you need to tap on “yes” option in the pop-up just after clicking the “disable button”.

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