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Transforming Sydney's Digital Landscape: 10 Success Stories by Crunchy Digital

Crunchy Digital has been shaking Sydney's digital landscape with innovative and effective techniques. They've worked with many large and small businesses in Sydney to help them stand out online and grow like never before.

Here, we will share ten remarkable success stories, ranging from small bakeries to high-tech enterprises, that will demonstrate just how big of a difference Crunchy Digital services can make. These stories show how Crunchy Digital's comprehensive digital marketing services work magic to get more people to click, buy, and talk about these businesses.


Crunchy Digital Success Stories

Crunchy Digital's success stories show the transforming impact of specialised digital marketing techniques across multiple industries. From increasing online visibility to creating significant business growth, these case studies show the different projects and substantial outcomes delivered for their clients.


1. Australian Construction Company


Australian Construction Company


A construction company in Australia required a digital marketing strategy and SEO for their new website to compete in the commercial and residential building industries.


Crunchy Digital's SEO, content marketing, and social media management achieved:

     Twenty-four keywords went from ranking above 200 to ranking in the top 200.

     Six keywords in the top 100 in three months.

     70+ Instagram followers each month without paid advertising.

     30+ LinkedIn followers each month without advertising.

     An eight-page capability statement was prepared.


2. Australian Home Decor Store


Australian Home Decor Store



A Sydney-based furniture and home d├ęcor shop wanted to increase both in-store and online traffic through targeted social media marketing.


Crunchy Digital's Facebook and Instagram advertisements achieved the following:

     One hundred seventy thousand average impressions per month.

     Three thousand four hundred average clicks per month.

     2.06 per cent click-through rate

     $0.20 cost-per-click.

     An average of 29 adds to the cart per month.

 3. Online Clothing Store

Online Clothing Store



An Australian eCommerce business selling clothes for young ladies needed a transparent and efficient digital marketing strategy to increase online sales.


Crunchy Digital's Facebook and Instagram campaigns, where customers spent $9,000, achieved the following:

     123,000 average monthly impressions.

     Four thousand four hundred seventy average clicks per month.

     3.60% click-through rate, a figure that is substantially greater than the Apparel 2022 goal of 1.24%.

     Cost per click: $0.46


4. Australian Online Hair Care Store



Tecna Australia needed an online storefront and a social media approach for its environmentally friendly haircare products.


Crunchy Digital designed a Shopify online store for Tecna Australia to exhibit products, sell online, track inventory, and provide customer updates. The team also maintained the company's social media accounts to promote products and raise brand awareness without spending any money on advertising.


5. Australian Home Services


Australian Home Services


A home services contractor was dissatisfied with another digital marketing agency's poor performance, resulting in fewer calls, lower sales, and low morale. Concerned about their revenues, they sought Crunchy Digital's assistance in improving swiftly.


Crunchy Digital's Google Ads achieved the following:

     3,200 average impressions per month

     7.36% click-through rate

     240 average clicks per month

     $2.90 cost-per-click


6. Australian Hair Styling Brand


Australian Hair Styling Brand



Tame Your Nest wanted an online store and a social media approach for their environmentally friendly hair styling solution.



Crunch Digital developed an online store on Shopify, created compelling content, and deployed influencer marketing methods, resulting in considerable ROI and brand recognition in a competitive marketplace. Its influencer marketing methods have resulted in a minimum of 150% ROI and helped elevate brand exposure in a saturated market for hair styling goods.


7. Wellness Coach


Wellness Coach



GEM Wellness Warriors needed a user-friendly website to promote wellness coaching and public speaking services.



Crunchy Digital created a WordPress website with strong branding, clear service offerings, integrated booking options, and a blog for continuing engagement. The team also included the client's Calendly integration and a form for enquiry.


8. Boutique Fitness Studio



An Australian fitness studio had to use digital marketing to promote its distinctive features to increase class attendance and subscriptions.



Crunchy Digital's targeted strategy involving local SEO, social media ads, and content creation led to"

     40% increase in sign-ups 

     50% rise in attendance within six months

     Doubled social media engagement


9. Eco-Friendly Packaging Company



An eco-friendly packaging company aimed to raise awareness about sustainable packaging and boost online sales to make a name for itself in the green market.



SEO and online advertising focused on sustainability led to:

     60% rise in traffic.

     35% increase in conversion rates.


10. Local Artisan Bakery


Local Artisan Bakery



Local Artisan Bakery intended to boost foot traffic and online orders by promoting its fresh handmade products.



An engaging social media strategy and local SEO efforts resulted in the following:

     75% growth in followers

     50% increase in online orders



Crunchy Digital has transformed how businesses in Sydney use the internet to grow. They've proven that with smart planning, any organisation can succeed online. These ten success stories are just a few examples of how Crunchy Digital can help a business develop, increase online visibility, and engage with customers.

Each story celebrates what these businesses have accomplished and demonstrates what can be done in digital marketing. If you want your business to succeed online in Sydney, now is the time to act. Contact Crunchy Digital now to begin your road towards digital excellence.

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