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Complete Guide of AXS to PHP Converter


Today AXS to PHP conversion rate is ₱432.43, increased in last 24 hours 3.34%. Our converter gives you every time accurate data to make a conversion. Currently Axie Infinity is increasing because AXS is up last 30 days 8.44%.

AXS to PHP Converter

AXS to PHP founder is Sky Mavis founded in 2018, Axie Infinity is a famous blockchain video game also. Native governance token is $AXS, an ERC-20 token. $AXS token price is most convenient metric and evaluate the performance of Axie Infinity. $AXS reflects the market sentiments over the game and fluctuation of price. Highest price of Axie Infinity was recorded is 158.14 U.S. Dollars equal to 8,822.12 PHP.

Axie Infinity ecosystem currently has 2 million gamers and number increasing by the day as Axie Infinity leads and gaming economy. $AXS tokens increases value and hold voting rights to shape development of Axie Infinity. If you want earn more $AXS rewards then you can stake your $AXS holdings.

$AXS tokens support number of trading pairs and multiple fiat currencies due to Axie Infinity’s global popularity. In market cup its rank top 50 cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity is also viewed as a long-term bet by investors with blockchain gaming sector.

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AXS to PHP History:

7 Dec, 2022 - ₱469.79

8 Dec, 2022 - ₱460.25

9 Dec, 2022 - ₱446.58

10 Dec, 2022 - ₱462.68

11 Dec, 2022 - ₱449.22

12 Dec, 2022 - ₱429.83

13 Dec, 2022 - ₱428.26

Axie Infinity to PHP Chart:

Axie Infinity to PHP Chart

How to convert Axie Infinity to PHP?

·         First, you need to create an account; if already have then log in.

·         When you create account go through KYC process and verify your account

·     After logged in firstly need to deposit AXS from your wallet and click on Binance "Fiat and Spot"

·   Then click on "Deposit" and choose crypto ( select coin which you want to deposit)

·         Then search AXS with search box and click on bottom box

·      After that need to choose network, where you are making the deposit should be match the withdrawal network.

·         Then it will show deposit address, you can copy by clicking on copy icon

·         After deposited, Go to "Trade > Binance Convert"

·         Start the coin selection after click on the coin icon

·         Write AXS and click on it

·    Now click on bottom fiat icon and select the currency on which we want to convert

·         Type PHP and click on it

·         Enter amount which you want to convert to PHP

·        You will have 10 second to confirm conversion after click "Preview Conversion"

·         we can move to the withdrawal process then you have PHP in your wallet

·         Go to "Wallet > Fiat and Spot" and click on "Withdrawal"

·         Then click on "Currency" button to open the selection menu

·         Write PHP on search box and click on it to select

·    Currency selection is depend on your country u will see withdrawal methods such as Bank Transfer (Swift), Bank SEPA and Bank Card choose one of them and enter information from your bank account.

·    Click on continue to enter amount how much you want to withdraw and click continue.

·     Confirm your all info is correct and click on confirm button

After that verify your email and 2FA to enter your verification code you have got on your email and the 2FA code and finished your withdrawal process. Get your money to your bank account within 7 days.

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