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Surprising Reasons Why Women Prefer a Female Gynaecologist

No doubt, there are a number of experienced and professional gynecologists working in the healthcare sector worldwide. However, most women prefer to visit a female gynecologist over the male one when it comes to proper care and well-being. The main reason is that they feel a female 'understands' well.

Women Prefer a Female Gynaecologist

That's why most women choose seeing female gynaecologists in Melbourne as they better know how to make others feel safe and at ease. The female patients feel more comfortable communicating about their personal health issues without any hesitation.

Undoubtedly, female gynaecologists are likely to be a great support. Let's learn how!

What Does A Female Gynecologist Do?

Well, female gynaecologists provide reproductive health checkups such as screenings, Pap tests, pelvic exams, and vaginal infections diagnosis. Additionally, they examine and treat disorders related to the reproductive system. These include pelvic pain, infertility, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts.

Moreover, many gynaecologist also specialize as an obstetrician, providing care and treatment during pregnancy and after childbirth. The GYNs who have expertise in obstetrics are called obstetrician-gynecologists.

Top Reasons To Choose Female Gynaecologists Over Males


Most women are much more comfortable sharing their concerns about their reproductive health or general health issues with female gynaecologists than males. Usually, the right care and treatment depend on the patient's way of comfort in giving proper information about their personal issues.

The approach becomes easier when a woman is able to discuss everything with another woman (female gynaecologist). Some women hesitate to communicate with male doctors, especially when it's about vaginal discharge and pelvic pain. This is the prime reason why female GYNs have a huge preference over males.


Female gynaecologists have a great advantage over males simply because one woman can easily relate to the problem the other is going through. The female doctors have the same reproductive system and are able to feel or understand properly regardless of the training or knowledge they have.

It is very essential to connect with every patient in gynaecology. This is because, if the women feel that the GYN they’re speaking with are understanding their concerns, definitely, they are going to receive effective care. More than this, if they’re likely to share all their private information with great convenience, the doctors might be able to provide the right solution.

This comfort and understanding level will give an opportunity to have an appropriate conversation that might not be possible with male GYNs. Being able to understand the emotion and nature of a patient can make a huge difference in the convenience of the visit.

Mental Support

Right mental health is women's behavior, thinking ability, and feelings. It gets affected mostly by stressful life, relationship issues with a partner, and even physical health. When women are not able to cope with everyday situations, they suffer mental health-related disorders.

If it is a case of pregnancy, mental health issues like depression and stress are very common. The reasons generally are unplanned pregnancies, miscarriages, no family support, and so on. The practical challenges such as failed relationships, financial crises, and unemployment are also the cause. The result of this is a huge loss.

The adverse impacts of poor mental health can lead to newborn defects, small-size infants, and delivery before an expected date. In some cases, the chances are the death of a baby. With this loss, women are unable to share or speak with anyone. Some go through extreme depression that they rely on anti-anxiety drugs for survival and to get out of the condition.

All these steps can affect overall health. So, women need to consult a female gynaecologist with whom they can share everything. Being able to speak frankly about their emotional situation ensures that the best solution possible from GYNs. Thus, female healthcare providers are the most promising supporters, helping women in maintaining mental peace.

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Reasons To See Female Gynaecologists

Pre-Pregnancy Care

Every woman needs to be very cautious before planning a pregnancy. Whether it's the first pregnancy or second, there arise many questions. For instance, how to plan, are current medications can be harmful, etc. Many worry about excess weight gain, particularly those struggling with obesity.

Planning a pregnancy and making all the concerns clear before is the right way to a healthy and safe pregnancy. Who can be a better mentor than female gynaecologists, helping with pre-pregnancy plans?

Female GYNs will discuss the history of previous abortions, miscarriages, or c-section delivery. Additionally, they will ask about pre-existing health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Furthermore, they will ask about lifestyle (eating plans, sleeping hours, exercise routine, etc.)

Taking all these points into consideration, the female gynaecologist will make changes in lifestyle according to the body's needs. Consequently, they prepare the women for a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Check-Ups

Just as the women know about their pregnancy, they must see gynaecologists. It is a must because pre-existing health issues if any can impact the health of a pregnant woman and the growing baby. GYNs, perform the screenings to examine any risks and treat them as soon as possible.

In addition, gynaecologists guide women regarding maintaining weight, proper nutrition, and the right exercises. Usually, pregnancy care includes:

     Weight measurement

     Blood Pressure measurement

     Blood tests for deficiency of iron

     Uterus examination for the proper fetal growth

     Fetal heart pace measurement

     Urine tests for checking sugar and protein levels. This will help in indicating the symptoms of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

     Physical examinations to check any issues such as feet and hands swelling

Keep in mind, choosing the professionals around the location is best during the pregnancy. It will be an advantage when the expected date will be near as there will be no need to travel to distant places in an emergency. If living in the northern suburbs areas, search “gynaecologist in Melbourne Northern suburbs” and get the names of the reputable GYNs. Choose the one and schedule an appointment.

Periods Issues

Women should never delay to see a female gynaecologist if they experience any changes in their menstrual cycles. If they struggle with extreme period pain or irregular bleeding, there should be an immediate visit. These are a huge concern and can be impactful, leading to major health issues.

On the other hand, women in their 40s and 50s should also visit a gynaecologist. Doctors will figure out if there is a case of menopause or not.

Summing Up

Though the health issues of every woman are different, most women prefer to see female gynaecologists in Melbourne. The reasons above justify it.

Feeling comfortable and safe in sharing every concern is what women want. A female doctor is one who values emotions and quality of life and works to provide the right treatment.

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