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Avoid 8 Mistakes in Your T-shirt Printing Business

Starting a T-Shirt printing business is easier as one does not need prior experience or much investment. Rather it is a fantastic opportunity where you can showcase your creativity and talent. Also, it can be considered as a simple start to gain profits right away.

However, you may have come across tons of information suggesting tips on how you should start a T-shirt printing business. But here you would be helped with tips that will let you know the mistakes you should avoid in the t-shirt printing business. So without any further adieu, keep reading until the end to discover some more information.

1. Selecting the Wrong Fabric Type

One of the first mistakes that you would make in the t-shirt printing business is choosing the wrong fabric. It is important to keep in mind that the fabric of the t-shirt serves you as the canvas and you are the artist. So if you use a poor-quality canvas, your artwork will not turn out as expected.

There are many different kinds of fabrics available which means you are never running out of options. Also, you should know that not all of the fabric works the same way when printing the design. As a result, you need to be very specific when about the type of fabric you have intended to choose for printing.

2. Using Wrong Tools and Technology

The world of the printing business has shifted from traditional ways to modern ones dynamically. Hence, the biggest mistake you would ever make is still relying on traditional ways instead of modern t-shirt design tool.

If you have any doubts about which one to choose, then you can seek help from the internet. With the help of the internet, you will come across different t-shirt design tools that can enhance your creativity. Also, it can help your business to make unimaginable gains and move with efficiency.

3. Using Bad Font Design

Among all the aspects of T-shirt creation, the most important one is picking the right

font and typography. Basically, font refers to the way the texts are written. While typography can be understood as the way words are visually arranged.

Therefore, you must pick fonts that work well with the other designs. It must look appropriate and not like they are being forced to be placed on the T-shirt. Also, you should ensure that the letter spacing and line spacing are right during printing. This could make the overall design aesthetically pleasing.

4. Poor Placement of Design

The positioning of the design is crucial while you are creating t-shirts. This refers to the precise spot on the shirt where the design needs to be printed. If you place the designs incorrectly, your career in t-shirt printing could end up badly. You must know that placement includes not only where you put your design.

But also includes how you measure them so that it fits with the surrounding. You must know that placing a belly print is typically where mistakes happen. Your measurements are limited by this. So make sure to put close attention to how your design is laid out precisely.

5. Colour Choices

In order to make your prints stand out, you might need colorful t-shirts. But remember that using too many hues in one design can ruin the entire ensemble. Not every hie will show as it does on the computer screen. The final colors of the design will look different depending on the background color of the t-shirt.

Apart from that, getting multiple t-shirts in different colors may end up costing more money. This is especially when you are doing it in bulk. The printing process becomes more difficult as the number of colors on the t-shirt increases. So make sure to strike a  balance.

There are many ways you can learn about the alternatives for t-shirt printing that can boost your business.

6. Poor Quality of Image

It is often seen designers save images in the wrong format for printing. When storing the graphic files, the image resolution is equally important as the actual image size.

Therefore, in order to create professional-looking T-shirts, you are suggested to opt for vector graphics. You must know that a graphic that is produced at a lower resolution than 300 DPI will have a blurry print on the t-shirt.

You will get top-quality results when printing the t-shirt if you have a high-quality design file.

7. Creating Overly Complex Design

As an individual in the t-shirt printing business, your aim should not be just creating beautiful designs but terrific ones.

When you scale down graphic concepts to fit onto a t-shirt, they will become impossible to achieve. For example, there may be numerous minute details in the design which might not be discernible to the unaided eye.

Therefore, detracting it from the composition's whole and giving it a cluttered appearance is not recommended. Before you print the t-shirts, make sure to print a sample of them. This is especially suggested if you think the design is intricate to see how it appears in reality.

8. Wrong Design Size

It is possible to make mistakes while sizing the design to fit the proportions of a t-shirt when producing one. As a t-shirt printing business owner who is just starting out, you must know that the graphic proportions will change depending on the style of the shirt. It may also be influenced by the variety of sizes you have chosen.

So make sure to take the size of the design into account, the specifications of the design itself, and the features of the fabric that is been used.

Additionally, you must keep in mind that some shapes like squares and circles might end up making a mess if printed on bigger-sized t-shirts. Make sure to choose small sizes if you want these shapes to be printed in a better way. Additionally, it is suggested to consider the entire printable surface area rather than simply the height and width.

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