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Verified Steps to Migrate Yandex to Gmail Account

In this post, we will explain a straightforward and safe method to migrate Yandex to Gmail account. You may also learn the whole manual procedure for the same. Alternatively, if you need a quick solution, you may use the alternative method to transfer your emails from your Yandex account to your Gmail account.

Yandex Mail is a web-based supplier of email services. This email service provides a number of sophisticated features, including a user-friendly layout, enhanced features administration, and many more.

Google Mail, on the other hand, is the most extensively used email client for both personal and business usage. On April 24, 2004, Google launched its email service. Gmail offers several additional features, such as email scheduling and enhanced email and contact management. In addition, Google's services and security are always preferred, and the company provides very secure features. Now, we'll cover how to import Yandex emails into a Gmail account.

Manual Guide to Migrate Yandex Mail to Gmail Account

In order to move your Yandex account to Gmail, you may follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Initially, you must log in to your Gmail account with the correct credentials.
  • Then, choose the All Settings option by clicking the Gear icon.
  • Following the appearance of the Accounts and Import page, choose the Import Mail and Contacts option by clicking on it.
  • Here, input your Yandex login and click Continue.
  • After entering your App Password for Yandex Mail, click the Continue option.
  • Then, choose the Import Items option and click the start import button to begin the import process.
  • Finalize the procedure by clicking the OK button.

You may simply convert Yandex to Gmail if you follow the methods outlined above. However, we would like to inform you that the manual approach has certain drawbacks. Now, in the next part, we will analyse the problems of the manual method and how to overcome them.

Significant Drawbacks of the Manual Method

In the next sections, we will examine the limits of the previously described procedure.

  • This procedure requires a great deal of time.
  • During migration, there is a significant chance of data loss.
  • Required technical expertise to complete all the procedures in the correct order.

Professional Method to Transfer Emails from Yandex to Gmail Account

If you are searching for a solution that can overcome all the disadvantages of the manual approach, you should consider the following options: In this scenario, you should use the Cigati Yandex Backup Tool, which facilitates a seamless migration from Yandex to Gmail. The ability to store Yandex mail in many file formats is quite beneficial. 

Additionally, this advanced program can easily move data from Yandex to several cloud systems. This software's clear and simple user interface that allows importing Yandex Mail to Gmail with simple process. This program may be used without technical expertise. In addition, the Yandex backup program offers a variety of additional capabilities from which customers may choose according to their needs.

Main Features of the Yandex Mail Backup Software

These features are make it so useful and special and it is very helpful for you. 

  • This advanced tool can effortlessly convert Yandex mail to PDF, PST, MBOX, MSG, CSV, HTML, and EML, among other formats.
  • It enables the migration of data from Yandex to Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, Office 365, iCloud, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Yandex, and more.
  • During the conversion process, users may check email previews and attachments and simply eliminate duplicates.
  • This program provides options for saving Email Attachments in PDF format independently.
  • You may also Schedule and transfer Yandex to Gmail for the next Yandex account backup.
  • Allows you to pick e-mails within a specified date range using the Mail Filter option.
  • This innovative program is compatible with all the most recent versions of Windows, including Windows 11.


In this article, we'll examine the two most effective strategies for migrating from Yandex to Gmail. Due to significant constraints, attempting the manual steps might be difficult. Moreover, we provide one of the finest alternative methods to import Yandex to Gmail accounts.

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