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Altron Security and CyberArk partnership Tackles Identity Security

The partnership of both CyberArk and Altron Security figures that there is a need to step ahead of traditional special access management. Also, it requires adopting a complete security method. The recent increase in cyber attacks proved that there is no guarantee of data security in any system. Hackers are hacking high-level user credentials of the business entity to damage the entire system. CyberArk is a leader in identity security control and has partnered with Altron Security Group. This will be a complete utilization of the security skills and experience of both businesses. 

Moreover, the reason behind this combination is that CyberArk, already a leading security solutions provider, wants to be more strong. For this, it has chosen a skilled and confident partner with relevant experience. so that it can help the end customer in its usage. Further, Altron Security is an identity security solutions provider with vast skills and experience in this domain. 

The experts in a talk said that they are moving from the PAM (Privileged Access Management) to the identity approach. Moreover, this approach will deliver more effective and efficient security solutions to customers. Thus, this will definitely help the end-user of these security services.

Having a great cyber security system, any business can prosper without the fear of getting risk from outside. The threats will also reduce with this approach and provide a safe and secure ecosystem. 

In this regard, let us know about CyberArk in brief.

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a security tool or a product suite that helps to secure, manage and observe privileged or special accounts and their passwords. Thus, it minimizes the cyber security risk by doing so. It is specially used in the areas like finance, retail, healthcare, government agencies, etc.  Using this tool we can manage passwords and store many important accounts. 

It helps to prevent malware attacks from hackers. As mentioned, CyberArk is useful for many industries including Fortune 500 companies. 

Learn from the CyberArk Training to get more insights on security solutions and become a certified professional.

Further, let us know about the Privileged accounts or special accounts. 

Define Privileged Account

A privileged account authorizes special access to the user account which is beyond the standards. This account gives permission to access social security numbers, credit card details, personal data, etc. Moreover, a privileged account can be different for different industries depending upon the type of their special data. A few privileged accounts in an enterprise may include admin accounts, privileged user accounts, emergency accounts, domain user accounts, etc. 

CyberArk benefits:

This is a leading cyber security solutions provider that offers several benefits to any enterprise that adopts it. Here are some benefits of this security solutions tool:-

Increases Time Saving

It has an automatic password management capacity that helps to manage passwords in less time. Thus, it saves much time for the business entity so that they can focus on core areas.

Easy tracking of user credentials

It makes the tracking of user credentials easier and avoids manual tracking. The privileged account security solution of CyberArk offers to track only its credentials and the rest is taken care of. Hence, each activity is traceable so that it avoids incidents. 

Avoids repetition in policy updation

CyberArk allows its admins to manage and update the privilege policies for the users where there is no repetition. This reduces the time spent on data repetition. 

Production of changed passwords across apps

It highly manages the database passwords in the central area. Also, it ensures the production of password changes throughout the apps and services. Hence, the broken processes are eliminated and it prevents enterprises from huge revenue loss. Therefore, a password change is highly suggested here. 

In this way, it has many benefits for the business world. Moreover, it has many components like Central Policy Manager, Privileged Threat Analytics, Password Upload Utility, etc.

CyberArk Altron Security Partnership

This partnership has many advantages as both cyber security solutions providers are leading ones. While talking about this partnership, an expert from Altron Security speaks that coming to the risk definition and applying the right controls, the “zero-trust” concept is highly accepted. Moreover, this concept links with identity security. 

But in the PAM-built privileged accounts, without having zero trust, the account would have admin rights. However, the zero trust concept says that it is useful to provide access for the short-term.  Hence, the admin rights are given for achieving something and again taken back after the purpose is over. So, it needs to utilize them on time with necessary actions. 

Moreover, using the just-in-time (JIT) method to adopt identity security and rights management, will notably minimize the risk of threats. But if the number of rights is minimized, the radius of risk will also reduce. 

User accounts in the enterprise will be highly secure with this approach and the special accounts will get protection. No one can use the special accounts without prior consent. Access consent is necessary for this. Altron has great security expertise, automation excellence, and threat intelligence features. 

Therefore, it ensures high-level security in the vulnerable ecosystem. Thus, it boosts efficiency, secures data and systems, and responds to clients’ queries on incidents. So that it can resolve them much faster and successfully.

In this way, this partnership can bring many fruitful results to both companies along with higher customer satisfaction. In the future, it can do more. 


Thus, the partnership of CyberArk and Altron Security says that both can serve better in protecting user accounts. Having vast experience in the security identity field and special account management they can do wonders. Moreover, this approach will definitely help the end user with the many advantages of two security solutions providers. 

CyberArk being a security tool helps in securing, monitoring, and managing privileged accounts and their password control. It helps the users of special accounts with some benefits and reduces hacking. Thus, users can get many benefits from using these tools and the combination may give better results. So, learning about this wonderful tool can give more ideas about its usage.

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