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The 10 Most Impressive Startup Explainer Video Examples

Animated explainer videos help organizations explain even the most complex and tedious concepts in an informative and entertaining way. Explainer videos are cartoon-style, enthralling, short and comprise character-led visuals.

Animated videos enable marketers to simplify complex ideas and communicate them effectively. Companies use a tool for creative storytelling to grab the audience’s attention.
Marketers use creative storytelling because the audience is bombarded with too many advertising campaigns.
Companies are spending millions on getting the customers’ attention. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a quality product to sell; you need to enhance your marketing strategy.
Video production campaigns help businesses promote a product or service to keep them standing out from the crowd.
If you are searching for the explainer animated video cost, you can easily get it done from 5000$ to 35,000$.
Let’s look into this blog; we will discuss the ten most inspiring explainer video examples.


GrabCAD is a digital tool that helps you to save time; you can quickly print CAD files without fixing and converting STL files first. It is a solution that saves the user time, and people can preview a 3D model and edit it before printing it.
When searching for the best and most engaging explainer videos, we find this creative one. Watch this ad, and it has become simple for you to work on the 3D project and print it from your cell phone anytime and everywhere.
This animated explainer video has an appealing way of demonstration, and it shows like a hand-drawn illustration. The beautiful story engages in the benefits, processes and other advantages of using this software solution.

Med Mart

Another breathtaking animated video we bring you is of an app of Med Mart. It explains how you can use their app; it offers the audience an innovative way to find a local Dr to perform surgery.
However, it is a little longer in duration than other explainers. Viewers will understand that their app is user-friendly, easy to manage and connect them with healthcare professionals.
The engaging and creative videos like the ones we discussed in this blog have some similar things.
These videos are to the point, short duration, and demonstrate a relatable problem and a solution. Moreover, these videos persuade the audience to take a specific action.
Animated explainer videos help companies to educate audiences about their product and business.
However, you must plan everything perfectly to achieve your business objectives.
You can get an idea about the explainer videos. These videos will attract more visitors and engage them to spend more time on your website.


Recommind is a startup organization that assists companies in managing their data in a more organized way. It helps you administer various data types, from emails to social media and presentations.
This system also facilitates organizations to transform data into actionable insights. This explainer video explains the significance of big data and also the other benefits it holds for us. 
Recommind helps organizations create the strategy according to its system's great data visualization and reporting features.
The video incorporates simple but storytelling illustrations and professional animation. It demonstrates the problem and its solution, leaving no space for any query about their product. You can watch this creative video below.


Mint is an ideal example that shows why some companies prefer to use animation rather than live-action videos. Mint's marketing team uses animation to explain how it gets financial information from different stages of a user’s life and structures it all into a single setup.
In this explainer video, they have incorporated screenshots of the real product, which highlights the product’s arrangement and design.


Another fantastic video is from Airbnb. It is a beautiful blend of animation and lives action that presents unique experiences at affordable prices using Air Bnb. This explainer video beautifully exhibits the benefits of the Airbnb system and explains them verbally.


Cree is a renowned company that manufactures semiconductor and LED lighting solutions for power applications and wireless. An explainer video of Cree uncovers a story of lightning and how it enlightens different phases of life.
In the video, Cree labels itself as a company which is providing a better way to light. The explainer video reflects this idea with an engaging story. It illustrates how the cities, world, homes and communities can remove the darkness from better lightning.

The video displays incredible engaging characters and animation that capture the audience’s attention to the story even more. When we watched this video, we learned some interesting facts. Many cities and people have already upgraded their safety and energy savings by nearly 70%. You can watch this beautiful animated video of Cree below.


Uber is a USA-based multinational company that helps millions of people to commute. People can reach their destination with a quick ride at any time without any hassle.
All you need to do is use their mobile app. A driver picks you up from your location and takes you to your desired destination. Commuting to your destination was never that much easy before the launch of Uber.
The explainer video of Uber beautifully portrayed this idea. Impressive yet simple animation helps convey the message visually and makes it easy for viewers to digest.
People love this explainer video because it is simple and appealing. It demonstrates the customer's pain and offers an absolute solution to it.


This animated explainer video depicted a character named Maria and her problems – she cannot have enough money to purchase health coverage or get an appointment with a private doctor.
This video presents a solution with an app that employs the shared economy principle and highlights its advantages. Maria is using this app and has access to unlimited consultations and affordable health care without paying private companies.


Viewers liked this explainer video because Nest beautifully merges 2D animation with real-life objects. It shows Philips and Whirlpool explaining the concept of using their technology. 
This video has incorporated voiceover and brilliant animation to demonstrate the advantages of combining appliances with their system. Their system will learn about your home and conserve energy.

Preject Permit

This animated video features a 3D design and clear and unique animation. This video highlights the advantages of using solar energy for local communities.
Their video demonstrates a relatable problem, unnecessary fees, bad permitting practices, and paperwork that increase the cost of home solar systems.
The video also presents a solution through streamlining permitting practices to enhance availability and affordability, reduce pollution, and not affect climate.


As technological advancement is changing our lives, it also introduced the digital tools that help in marketing. In this digital era, it is essential to use different digital marketing strategies to tap the new market segments.
You need to survive in this competitive environment where marketers apply various strategies to influence consumer buying behavior. Nowadays, companies are using explainer animated videos to highlight the key features of their products.
Marketers benefit from these videos by pointing out the consumer’s pain. They illustrate how their product is providing the solution to their problem. Moreover, businesses are getting huge benefits from explainer videos, increasing their sales, brand recognition and revenue.
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