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Everything You Should Know About the Blockchain Consulting Ecosystem

These days, a lot of businesses are looking for blockchain consulting services that can support them throughout the entire adoption cycle. However, the majority of these services revolve around proof of concept and strategic assistance because of the low technological maturity and the highly ambiguous business ROI.

Blockchain consulting firms are still developing the ideal plan for the entire project life. However, you must ensure that you receive assistance from the greatest service providers. The reason is that many people lack the moral character to deal with problems, procedures, or operational components of this kind of deployments.

But don't fear, there are other skilled blockchain consulting companies, and they are expanding quickly. Additionally, many of them have recruited professional blockchain experts to help them. As a result, today's topic will be all about blockchain consulting services and the various companies that provide them.

So let's start!

What is the market's current situation?

Over the past two years, interest in blockchain technology has risen significantly. Demand is growing not just for blockchain but also for distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, a number of businesses could be fundamentally transformed by blockchain and other decentralised technology. 

Additionally, it can ultimately save money and bring in billions of dollars in revenue. Another benefit of it is that it helps build trust throughout the entire complex corporate environment.

Gartner predicts that the market will be valued $3 trillion by 2030 for just this reason. Therefore, securing a presence in that enormous market is another top goal for many businesses.

With blockchain demonstrating all these potentials, numerous businesses across numerous industries are gradually beginning to experiment. To determine whether or not the technology is appropriate for their industry.

Additionally, they are using it for sample use cases to make sure that it may be helpful.

However, there is a severe lack of qualified personnel who can comprehend the underlying technology and support the development of potential commercial strategies. The ones that are accessible are rather pricey to begin with because they are quite uncommon.

Thus, a new industry is starting to expand quickly to keep up with consumer demand: the Blockchain consulting service. The biggest consulting firms in this area are building up sizable consulting teams to ensure they can also help other businesses.

Additionally, a small blockchain expert with technological know-how is looking for a chance in the new industry.

What is the benefit to you?

It's vital for you to properly understand the offerings and prerequisites for these blockchain consulting sessions because there are currently enormous parties providing all of these services.

As a result, we will assist you with finding your potential fit as a supplier of blockchain consulting by providing our knowledge of the market.

We'll also examine potential and reliable sources of blockchain consulting services, including businesses that may provide blockchain strategies and POC consulting.

Don't fear; we will just discuss the market from the perspective of a corporate consultancy. As a result, every piece of information would be centred around clients who wish to imagine, assess, and utilise the potential of the technology.

Blockchain Market Components Consulting

The majority of the purchasing groups are still quite early in their experimenting. They are primarily in the process of using likely use cases. Therefore, the blockchain development consulting companies mostly offer support during the first stages of the project.

Furthermore, the strengths of blockchain consultant services include strategy research, use case exploration, and developing novel sorts of proofs of concept.

What gives, though? It's because there aren't as many challenges in the early stages as there are in the later ones.

In any case, the market for blockchain development consultancy has some set elements. Let's find out what they are.

 The Real Market: The blockchain consultancy's core market consists of technology and advisory services related to developing, analysing, investigating, and designing various business models. Additionally, each service seeks to determine how blockchain can boost sales or provide new business opportunities. They occasionally offer advice on how the company might enhance its IT procedures.

  Common consumers: New marketplaces provide new clients of various types. In this instance, they mostly consist of CEOs, CxOs, business executives, IT leaders, leaders in vendor or sourcing management, innovators in digital and process, and many others. 

    Business Outcomes: This element mostly consists of the intended business results that typical buyers want. They also include novel services or goods, innovative company models, cost savings, revenue growth, high brand value, and numerous other things. 

     Realistic Deliverables: It depends on the type of Blockchain Consulting Firms. But these could also incorporate future strategy, gap analysis, architecture, small-scale proof of concepts, implementation roadmaps, and many other things.

What Steps Usually Comprise a Blockchain Consultancy?

In the blockchain consulting industry, you'll often see three distinct phases. These include

Extension - It's not unexpected that big consulting firms are dominating this market because the bulk of businesses are still looking for strategic guidance and methods for blockchain solutions. Even international technological service providers are now in charge of the newly emerging market.

On the other hand, small-scale or new consultant startups are also joining due to demand as they do not have to develop a Proof of Concept or deal with other operational concerns.

As a matter of fact, a large number of developers with practical knowledge of blockchain technology stepped forward and launched their very own specialised blockchain consultancies. But why are there so many companies offering consulting services for blockchain development?

Due to the intricacy of the technology, only few methods actually advance to the next level, which explains why the majority of the demand for blockchain solutions is for early stages only.

Therefore, the rate of market extension will continue at least through 2021. To ensure that you just choose those that produce any sort of outcomes, though. In actuality, the most of them will encourage you to spend money, but the outcome won't satisfy you.

Take the options that offer the most value for the money, always. Naturally, the products that are in demand will dominate the market.

Validation - Blockchain technology is advancing daily, therefore even though businesses are currently only interested in consulting services for early adoption, this will soon change. As a result, businesses will wish to deploy new changes fully or test out various POCs.

As a result, at present time, blockchain projects must deal with project-specific integrations, process modifications, privacy, security, and compliance challenges. They must also convince all of their stakeholders to support their brand-new blockchain technologies.

The number of well-liked platforms would sharply decline, claims Gartner. Not that there would only be a few blockchain consulting firms, but rather that businesses would only wish to work with a select few firms for their technology needs.

Many small-scale blockchain consultants in this situation would experience pressure primarily in delivering the time or expertise required to make a project live. Additionally, because the technology is continually developing, some of the abilities associated with it can also be outdated.

Therefore, the smaller blockchain development consulting firms would either cease to exist or join with other businesses to provide the full suite.

Therefore, only the most useful or high-caliber Enterprise Blockchain Consulting firms would be gone by the year 2026.

Progress - Starting in 2025, the market value of blockchain is expected to grow quickly, according to Gartner. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that this year will see a further increase in the demand for consulting services. Small businesses or those unable to properly meet all of the demands of business would not still be in operation at this point.

The remaining ones, on the other hand, would grow rapidly both in terms of their businesses and in technological terms. With this many years of experience, your money will be better spent.

There may be certain parties, though, who desire to enter the new commercial world. However, we are unsure of their potential outcomes. Anyhow, the businesses who jumped on the blockchain solutions would enjoy a tremendous increase in their profits even if the consulting market were to bloom after a few more years.

Therefore, it is safe to begin seeking guidance from the established blockchain technology consulting businesses, even if it is only for the early stages of adoption.

It's time to move on to the many kinds of blockchain consulting companies that are available today.


Although the situation is evolving quickly and blockchain technology is developing quickly, there are still many areas that the average user is unsure about. Being supported along the route by knowledgeable consulting firms is usually a boost.

If they wish to enter the blockchain sector, especially for people who wouldn't consider themselves "Tech Hubs Media," they will eventually require the invaluable assistance from the blockchain consultant service providers.

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