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Ideas To Choose The Best Ceramic Basin To Decor Your Room

Basin or sinks are an important addition to your place. It impacts the overall look, and also plays a functional role. With a host of options available in the market, choosing a ceramic basin can be a bit overwhelming when you're not sure what you're looking for. You should remember three tips when selecting a sink type, counter space, vanity style, and overall bathroom style.

Selecting a suitable basin is vital – you'll want it to be convenient and complement your room's overall style. Whether you want your basin to blend in or be the icon of your room, you can see these ideas to find the best ceramic basin.

Things to consider when buying a basin for your place

1.  Recognize the function

Before shortlisting, asses the kind of use, light, heavy, occasional, and then decide on the ceramic basin's style.

2.  Simple and clean type 

If you're looking for a streamlined and cleaner appearance in your room, consider getting the under-the-counter type with no disclosed edges.

3.  Futuristic type


The vessel-type mounted atop is ideal if you like a modern look ceramic basin and want to examine different shapes and finishes.


4.  Retro type


If you want to remark on a tight space, you can look at the pedestal sink units that have a vintage look and are less bulky. Stone-finished pedestal units in contemporary styles can be used for outdoor and indoor spaces.


5.  Maximum usage with minimum space


Make wise use of a small space in your room. Consider a semi-countertop sink that offers a large basin design while at the same time preserving valuable counter space.


6.  Neutral Tones with Concert 


Although we live by the typical rule of using all-white to create simple, earthy tones can also lend a composed element to your room. A bare ceramic countertop for your basin paired with walls in complementing coloring will be a unique way to decorate your room.


7.  Metallic Touch


In this corner wash basin design, a conventional white ceramic basin gets an upgraded style with a simple gold tap fitting. For a good look, get a matching mirror frame that complements the tap in this design and will create a new vibe.


8.  Modern solid wood


The room will get a strong character via solid wood, natural stone, and crafter lighting. The organic-style mirror that almost looks cut by hand and the artisanal sink gives in a dose of glamour. You may not realize it, but a wooden washbasin design adds so much to make the perfect bathroom.


9.  Choose the right colour


Ceramic basins are versatile, you will get a rainbow of selection, which is going to make it easy for you to find the most suitable choice for your place.


10.   Semi-recessed basin


A semi-recessed basin might be the solution if you want to maximize your floor space in your room and have some storage vanity cabinets. It is a good option for people with limited mobility and young children, as you can get closer to the washbasin to reach the tap without obstructing the bench top or cabinets. 


11.   Use the same brand


Different brands of ceramics have variations, even between white and ivory colors. Hence, it would help to buy the washbasin for each room from the same brand for a consistent look.


12.   Find a professional


An interior designer would be able to guide you better regarding your room's space management, style, and length of sinks suitable for your room.


The ceramic basin you choose will influence your tapware choice, so selecting them together is a good idea. Most washbasins are available with a choice of one or three tap holes. So, you can choose any suitable for your budget and integrate them seamlessly into your vanity bench top to make an eye-catching focal point.

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