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Why is everyone crazy about Crazy Time?


Crazy Time

The online casino industry has been begging for innovation when it comes to new forms of casino games. For many years now, the same games have always existed, from online slots to roulette, poker to blackjack, and all of the other games that you commonly associate with an online casino. And although, as technology has progressed, there has been huge innovation in the areas of online slots and live online casino experiences, there have never been any new games that have really established a name for themselves amongst the fierce, well-embedded competition. There are many online iGaming online casino websites that allow you to try live crazy time game time.

What is Crazy Time?

Today we are going to look at what exactly Crazy Time is, how it can be played and how it is unique and sets it apart from its competitors. And how, with its innovation, it has the potential to not only transform the online casino experience for players worldwide but also inspire the invention of other new and fresh online casino games. The best way to describe how Crazy Time has its own type of casino game category is that it is game-show-style. If you imagine a typical game, it follows the same theme except that it allows the player to interact with a real-time host, making sure that the tick-box for a more immersive experience is solidified from the off.

Who created it?

It’s a fully interactive game that was developed by Evolution and took its inspiration from another game on their roster called Dream Catcher. It follows a wheel-of-fortune-type theme whereby players spin a wheel consisting of numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. On top of this, there are also four bonus rounds. So what makes this difference to the wheel of fortune for example? Well, to break it down, it consists of one main game and then there are also four bonus games that players can work their way through.

What does the game involve?

When choosing the main game, the game is initiated by the top slot and the main money wheel being spun in conjunction with one another. Then, on the wheel, one slot at random will receive a multiplier, which will be visible prior to the spin ending. This can be likened to a random number on a roulette wheel having a 3x multiplier for example, being placed on it as soon as a bet is placed and the roulette ball is set in motion. If you’re lucky enough when playing Crazy Time that the bet slot and the multiplier line up together, it is that multiplier that you’ll be playing for in the bonus game.

All you need to know about betting and your chances to win

The next thing you need to understand about this exciting new game is the variety of bets that can be placed. To keep it simple, you can place a range of bets (value dependent upon the casino) on one or more of the numbers, along with just one of the bonus games. So compared to other games such as roulette, whereby you have a 50/50 chance of winning betting on even or odd, how do your chances fare% wise when it comes to Crazy Time?

Well, let’s focus on number-betting first. If you bet on number 1, your chances of winning stand at 39%. If you win, the payout is a massive 50x your stake. The number 2 segment, which is slightly smaller in size, stands at a 29% chance of winning. The reduced chances of winning mean that the potential payout is 100 times your stake.

Then you have the even smaller segments of number 5, which likewise have a possible payout of 250x stake. Finally, the number 10 is at 500x. But the big reason why a lot of people are making an absolutely huge deal out of Crazy Time is that of the bonus feature, which can pay out a staggering 100,000 times the stake.

The Crazy Time Bonus

So if you ever have the good fortune of landing on the Crazy Time bonus, what can you expect to experience? Well, it all starts when the game immerses you in a virtual world by walking through a virtual red door and you’ll be greeted with a bonus mega money wheel. There are then three different colours of flappers to choose from. These are blue, green, or yellow. The wheel will then stop and you will hear whatever multiplier is displayed. And so you’re not guaranteed the 100,000x top prize but you do indeed have a chance.

If this all sounds good so far, it may be worth giving the game a try. However, like all casino games, There is no guarantee of winning and you should always only gamble what you can afford to lose. Likewise, there are no betting strategies that can be applied to Crazy Time or any ways you can gain an advantage. Like all other casino games, it is a game of chance but what it brings to the party is that it adds the interactive aspect that players absolutely love from live online casino games.

In Summary

And so, going back to the original question, why is everyone ecstatic over this new game? Well, firstly, it’s like a breath of fresh air. A lot of people will sometimes get tired of playing the same games at online casinos and will opt for a change and this is exactly what Crazy Time has delivered. A totally new game with a totally new experience.

Next, it’s immersive. It has been designed perfectly to provide an interactive experience that a lot of online casino players desire from their time spent online at casinos. They don’t want to be interacting with a computer but, in fact, want a bit of a live or real experience. And so if you’re looking for a fresh new casino game to play and have fun online with, try Crazy Time.

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