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The Role of Mesh Wi-Fi Networks in Smart Home Automation


Mesh Wi-Fi Networks

Are you still using a router in-house?

The common assumption is that the router and the net extender give the fastest network. But the reality is a little different. Did you notice one corner in your house where you forget about the fastest speed, even if the bare minimum network coverage is not provided?


Relatable right?


Okay, last, during the day, you experience your router being unable to handle the number of devices at home.


I think we have all been through this situation at least once in our whole lifetime, and let's not forget the amount of frustration it brings. Especially when you are automating your home with smart devices, you need reliable Wi-Fi connectivity across your home - every nook and corner. Is there any solution to this?


Indeed. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the best-in-market possible solution to cover your entire home in a grid network, providing wi-fi connectivity across your home.


But before we get into how it is helpful, let's understand what a mesh wi-fi system or, sometimes called mesh wi-fi network is.

What Is a Mesh Wi-Fi System?

A mesh network is a group of devices that communicate with each other without the need for a network administrator. In a mesh wi-fi system, all smart devices communicate with each other by connecting as many devices as possible. It's like a group of close pals talking to each other. In other words, in a mesh wi-fi network, infrastructure nodes like bridges, switches, etc., are connected directly, dynamically, and non-architecturally to as many nodes as possible. These nodes work together to route data efficiently to and from customers.


Mesh wi-fi networks find applications in various fields, including home automation, sensor networks, IoT devices, community Wi-Fi, and industrial settings. These networks are especially useful in scenarios where traditional network infrastructure is challenging or expensive to deploy.

How Does the Mesh Wi-Fi System Benefit Your Home

Well, mesh wi-fi systems bring multiple benefits to the table. Imagine it like this - your home is inside a big sphere covered fully by a wi-fi network. So now, each nook and corner of your house will get speed, connectivity, and more. And my friends, this is the power of mesh wi-fi systems.  Let's uncover other benefits and key features of a mesh network:


Mesh networks do not have a central hub, and each node in the network is able to communicate with any other node. It means that there is no central point that controls other nodes. A completely decentralized network where every node has equal power.


Mesh Wi-Fi systems have multiple connections between nodes. It means that if any of the connected nodes fail or any connection is lost, the data will still find a way to get to its destination. Nevertheless, to mention that the customer will be the ultimate winner for no signal loss whatsoever.


Mesh wi-fi systems are able to self-heal. For instance, in the event of a node or connection failure, the system will identify and heal the issue itself. Such a self-healing feature, combined with redundancy, automatically reroutes traffic in order to maintain connectivity while the faulty node repairs itself. Is it not Interesting? It is like a human immune system, which identifies a damaged cell and repairs it.

Scalability and Flexibility

Mesh networks are highly flexible and dynamic. It can easily be extended with additional nodes, without causing significant disruption. For instance, you shifted from a flat to a duplex or penthouse. So, instead of upgrading plans or investing in new routes, you just need to add more nodes. Each new node will add capacity and coverage to the network, allowing it to optimize its performance depending on the current conditions.

Wireless Connectivity

Mesh wi-fi systems support wired and wireless infrastructure. Where the physical cable is impossible or difficult or impractical or not aesthetic, wireless mesh wi-fi systems are suitable at the best choice. One such example where the mesh wi-fi network feels suitable is the ‘smart home environment. In smart homes, the devices must interact with each other and with the master control - your phone. You might be at some corner of your house, and the device might be in the totally opposite corner. That would be the ideal scenario for establishing a wireless mesh wi-fi connectivity system.

Wired or Wireless? Wondering which one is better?

In terms of speed of the internet and signal strength, it would be great if you could connect your entire house with a LAN cable network. But that would be very expensive and does not look aesthetically good. Wireless mesh wi-fi systems are equally better and are capable of providing you with the same signal strength and speed across your home.


Smart Home Automation + Mesh Wi-Fi Systems: The Perfect Duo

The interest in smart home automation has spiked among people with the entry of IoT (Internet of Things), high-speed internet connectivity, and advanced technology into the common world. The recent Ballie robot from Samsung is the perfect home AI companion and is in the advanced stage of smart home automation.


Imagine that you have smart appliances or devices across your home in every corner. For example, smart lights, smart fans, smart air conditioners, smart washing machines, smart dishwashers, etc. With mesh wi-fi systems, all these are connected to one single internet connection. and you can operate all of them from your phone.


You can even water your plants just by sitting on your sofa while you watch your favorite series on TV. That's the power of smart home automation combined with the power of mesh wi-fi systems.


But how do you ensure that the device is connected to the internet always without interruption?

Are mesh wi-fi networks contributing to the hype of smart homes?

Mesh wi-fi systems have wide coverage, self-healing capabilities, and robust connectivity. Therefore, these systems are changing the smart home landscape.  So, whether it's controlling your HVAC, your lighting, or keeping an eye on your home security, with mesh Wi-Fi, you will enjoy all the benefits of connected homes without the hassle of unreliable network connections.


When you connect your smart home devices to the mesh wi-fi systems, they automatically decide which node to connect. In the case of failure of one node, it will automatically choose another node. The automatic self-healing property of the mesh wi-fi systems helps uninterrupted connectivity, keeping your smart home running.


Tip: If your smart device is having trouble connecting, a simple restart (turn off and on) will work. That’s because if one node fails and the device fails to reconnect to the other node, the restart will reset and automatically connect to the functional node, giving you uninterrupted connectivity.

Automate Your Smart Home with Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

If you're building or upgrading to a smart home, it's time to consider the robust mesh wi-fi network. Reap the full benefits of a smart and convenient home by automating your smart home with the mesh wi-fi system.

In short, mesh wi-fi systems are the cornerstone of your smart home ecosystem. It eliminates dead zones or no-signal zones and offers you reliable and resilient connectivity. Being easy to scale, with enhanced security, mesh wi-fi systems revolutionize the smart home experience in a better way.

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