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6 Small Space Furniture Hacks for Maximum Living


Small Space Furniture

Small apartments are a smart investment option, especially if you don’t want the headache of having to clean a huge apartment. Also, if you are living alone or sharing the apartment with your partner, it makes sense to purchase a small apartment before making the move to a bigger one.

Although the apartment is small, it doesn’t mean you have to feel squeezed by your space. If you are drowning in a sea of stuff with not enough room for a goldfish, let alone a dinner party, it is time to make some changes. Grab your metaphorical broom and start decluttering your apartment to conquer the cozy chaos of small space living.

Living in a compact space does not mean you have to sacrifice functionality, comfort, or style. With some clever furniture hacks and a little creativity, you can transform your little nook into a haven of relaxation and spaciousness. So, continue reading to never again feel claustrophobic or cramped in your home.


     Marie Kondo your Apartment and give it some Breathing room

This one might seem obvious, but this is a critical first step. Before moving around furniture or adding new pieces, you must declutter your space. Too much clutter can suffocate small spaces. Hence, it is time to follow Marie Kondo's steps (the steps she showed before she quit after having her third child!). Make a list of all the items in your apartment and segregate them into categories - sell, donate, and recycle.

This will help you in keeping things organized. As soon as you create some space, you will be able to get creative with the decoration. Also, it will help to remember that less is more so that when you head to high end furniture stores in Kolkata, you don’t pick whichever piece catches your fancy.

     Embrace Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

Single-purpose furniture pieces hog precious floor space. Therefore, for your small apartment, you need to embrace multifunctional furniture pieces that work overtime. Some ideas to get you started are given below:

     Folding tables or chairs are an excellent addition. They transform from dining surfaces to coffee tables in a snap. You can also fold and keep them away when they are not required. This helps in saving space and keeping your apartment tidy.

     Go to a premium sofa store in Kolkata and choose sofas with hidden storage compartments for cushions, blankets, or board games. You can even choose sofas that convert into beds. This will maximize the potential of your living room and allow your guest to enjoy a restful sleep.

     You can even choose ottomans with in-built storage compartments so they can double as hideaways and footrests.

     You can invest in cabinets and bookshelves that reach for the sky. These help maximize wall space and ensure the floor space is untouched.

As you visit a premier furniture store, you will find more such options to help you make space-savvy decisions.


     Use Mirrors to make your Apartment appear Bigger

Did you know that mirrors are the secret weapon in a small apartment? Mirrors reflect light, and this can make a room appear airier and brighter. The mirrors must be placed strategically so they can create an illusion of depth. This will expand the square footage of your living space visually.

You can hang a large mirror right opposite the window so that natural light can bounce off it and augment the space. You can even choose mirrored furniture pieces, such as dressers, coffee tables, etc. This will add dimension and depth to your space.


     Ensure the furniture pieces fit like a glove in your limited square footage

When it is about maximizing space in your small apartment, it means giving up on oversized furniture. The focus must be to make the most use of available space, not clutter it with oversized furniture pieces that look out of place.

So, before walking into a furniture store, you must take appropriate measurements of your room. Ensure the furniture pieces are scaled to the dimensions of your room. You can choose a low-profile sofa set or a narrow console table for your living room. As for chairs, opt for those with streamlined profiles.

If you bring home bulky pieces, they will end up overwhelming the space. It will look like a visual clutter, and there won’t be much room for you or your guests to move around the room.


     Embrace the use of translucent or clear materials

Glass and other transparent or clear materials are known to work magic in small living spaces. They allow light to pass through and visually decrease the sense of heaviness and clutter.

You can opt for acrylic side tables, glass coffee tables, or lucite dining chairs. You can even choose glass-fronted cabinets so that you can easily showcase your prized possessions.

When it comes to designing your home with translucent materials, it may help to speak to a professional interior designer. They will offer you the right guidance and provide you with helpful tips on how you can incorporate glass and other clear materials in your home.


     Opt for vertical storage solutions

Since you are already cramped with space, it would be best to think up when it is about installing storage solutions. You can make use of the walls by fitting vertical storage solutions, such as hanging baskets, wall-mounted shelves, or pegboards. These will keep all the clutter off the floor while creating more space for you to store your items.

You can also use the backs of doors with hanging shoe racks or over-the-door organizers.

As more and more people are opting for small, quaint living spaces, you will find premium furniture in Kolkata well-suited for small apartments.

Additional tip: Change the color palette in your living space and opt for airy, light colors. Creams, whites, and other pale hues help to make spaces appear larger.

In summation, small living spaces offer an opportunity to be resourceful and creative. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned here to give your apartment a spacious makeover.

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