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4 Advanced Tools For Integrating Google Reviews On Squarespace

 Google Reviews

Do you need help to make your Squarespace website stand out from the crowd among the competition? Then we have come up with a perfect strategy for you.

Squarespace has become a common choice of CMS platform for businesses today to create a great website. To prove the fact, here is the data for you: as per ThriveMyWay and Backlinko, Squarespace has 3.79 million users as of 2023. 


However, it is very important to make your Squarespace website attractive and also add factors that can gain the trust of your audience. This can be made possible by adding Google reviews to it. Yes, displaying the feedback and words of valuable customers on the website has become a great marketing strategy to impress audiences nowadays gaining their trust. This is because customers consider customer reviews as the number one word of mouth. 


And we all know Google is the platform that has the most authentic customer reviews. Thus, many brands have started to display Google reviews on Squarespace not only to make it visually appealing but also to convince potential customers to try their products. 


There are many excellent aggregator tools in the market to help you in the successful embedding journey. But it can be a bit confusing to choose the best. To make it easy for you this article is going to tell you about some of the advanced tools that will make the integration process simple for you. 


Stick to this article till the end. 

Talking About Google Review Widget

Google review widget can be best defined as the functional block that can be embedded on the website by collecting all the Google reviews of a business in a single place. Users can customize the whole Google reviews widget according to the style of the website using an aggregator tool. 


Also, users can select which Google reviews to show and hide from the widget using the right aggregator tool. This way businesses can showcase the best reviews and ratings of their valuable customers to their potential audiences. To collect the best Google reviews seamlessly and showcase them on the website there are several tools available in the market. 


Now that we have given you the knowledge about Google review widget we will continue with the tools. 

Highlighting The Tools That Will Make Your Embedding Journey Easier

There are many beneficial reasons behind a business showcasing a Google review widget on Squarespace. By displaying Google reviews on Squarespace businesses can build a good reputation for the brand. Now that you have little idea about the benefits, let's get back to the tools. This article has curated a list of some of the best aggregators in the market. Know about them one by one. 

1.  Tagembed

Here is the first aggregator tool on the list Tagembed, one of the most incredible aggregator tools on the list. Tagembed allows users to connect with different review platforms including Google Reviews and fetches the best reviews in a single widget. 


It comes with a variety of cool and advanced customization features that help businesses create an incredible widget for websites. Users have the option to choose the best theme, layout, font color, font size, card style, and so on from a wide variety of options. These help users to change the whole look and feel of the website making it absolutely attractive for the visitors. 


This has another incredible feature is moderation, which lets users choose what to show and what not to show on the website. And let you cut out all the irrelevant content. After showcasing the Google review widget on Squarespace you keep your eyes on the performance of the widget with its smart analytics features. All in all, Tagembed is a responsive and great code-free tool. 

2.          Review Widget

Moving on to the next we have Review Widget, another great aggregator tool that makes its place in the list. This is also a code-free tool that is super easy to use even for people who don't have coding knowledge. You can easily showcase the Google review widget on Squarespace using this tool. 


This tool also offers users with different customization options to design excellent widgets for the website. Templates are also available so that you can make widget presentable and appealing as per the preference style of the website.  However, the customization features and templates of the Review Widget tool are not like other tools. It provides users with many fewer options in the customization feature and the free plan has a limited number of template options.

3.          Elfsight 

The third option on the list is Elfsight, which is another excellent tool to make your aggregation process smooth. Using the aggregator tool you can collect the content from multiple social media platforms in a single place and also the Google reviews. 


You can design the Google review widget with ordered themes, templates, and other customization options that it provides before embedding it on Squarespace. This tool comes with various cool features that will be useful for your widget. 

4.          Trust Index

The fourth aggregator tool in the list is Trust Index, this tool saves a lot of time with its smooth embedding of the Google reviews widget on Squarespace. This tool also provides a customizable widget for the users that they can embed on the website without any extra effort. 


Like other aggregator tools, Trustindex also provides users with an advanced filter option so that users can show and hide reviews as per their choice. Also, users can decide the arrangement in which they want to show their reviews. 

Summing Up

So, here you are in the conclusion part of this article. This article has taken you through some of the best-known aggregator tools in the market that will help you to seamlessly display Google reviews on Squarespace. 


Now that you know about the tools, choose the one that will perfectly fit your requirements and start embedding. 

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