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A Full Guide: How to backup G suite email [in 2023]

When it comes to protecting your data, no one compromises with it. When it comes to email, everyone wants to protect their data from being overwritten, lost, or hacked. Furthermore, backups are frequently required by IT compliance regulations and standards. Google Suite and Google Workspace are easily accessible from anywhere. It is a set of productivity apps that comes with cloud technology. However, we don’t need to depend too much on anything when it comes to data. Then, it is our responsibility to protect it. This article focuses on how to back up g Suite data using the Google data export tool and its limitations. Then, we cover why we need to use software like G suite backup software. 

backup G suite email

But, before moving forward, it is crucial to understand why we need G suite email backup. 

Here, we discuss the six reasons we need to create backup G suite Data.

1.   Deletion of Data accidentally/incidentally by users

Deletion of unnecessary files:- Sometimes, users try to create free files when they get the notification from G suite that they are running out of data storage capacity. At this time, the user started deleting the data, trying to create space for the new files by deleting the less important files. But what if you need those files in the future? It will never return!

Deletion of Mimeograph files:- G suite allows many users to work on the same file, which is beneficial for the users, but sometimes users create multiple copies of original files. Original files are more likely to be deleted, and users frequently lose them entirely. 

Protecting confidential information:- Sometimes, we share sensitive information with our teammates or colleagues. Many times we used to delete the documents once the task was complete. But, do you ever think that you delete the file without any backup? Even when you need access, you can't, right?

 2.  Stolen or lost gadgets

We all know that we can use the G Suite anytime, anywhere. It is very convenient for the users because it saves time and effort, but what if you have lost the device you used to log in and all of your data falls into the wrong hands? It would leak all your personal and professional data or delete it.

 3.  Ransomware

Whether small or large, every organisation knows about ransomware. Also knows what they can do with their data. Ransome is malicious software used by hackers to encrypt/lock your data. In exchange, they demand ransom money to unlock and decrypt data. 

 4.  Malicious third-party application

We all use third-party apps, enjoy their features, and give them access without reading their privacy policies. 

It's not just any access that we give them. You gave them an easy gateway to access your data. To enable hackers to access your data, you must offer them a gateway.

Your valuable files might be stolen, altered, or even deleted forever!

 5. Desktop and Google Drive Sync Clients

Have you ever thought about the vulnerabilities of the sync client? It might be the majority of you saying no.

But what if your desktop or PC is affected by the ransomware? If the Sync Client is ready to sync instantly, it may immediately infect your Google Drive files, spreading quickly and locking them. In this situation, only backup G Suite data can save you. 

 6. Consolidations and Acquisitions

Consolidations and acquisitions between two companies are the most common in the business world. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small or large organisation. But the transfer of data plays a direct role in affecting the success rate.

So, here we discuss the reasons for taking backup G suite data. Now we discuss the manual method step by step.

Methods to create backup G suite data

There are various methods to create backup G suite data. But, out of them, I am suggesting the best one. But, to perform this procedure, you must have the technical knowledge to perform this method. In the following part, we will go over the steps of these methods.

·         Data export tool for admin method

How to get G suite mail backup with the Google data export tool? Complete Guide 

How to create a backup of your G Suite data using the admin-only Data Export Tool step by step?

Step: 01>  Go to your G suite account and enter valid admin credentials.

Step: 02>  After logging in to the Admin Console, click on the button. 

Step: 03>  Click on the Tools option and hit the data export option. 

Step: 04>  Now, on the next screen, hit the Start button to back up the G suite.

Step: 05> After completing the process, you must wait nine days for an email containing a confirmation link to your exported data

Step: 06>  After receiving the email, open the email, and click on the access to Access Archive button to view the backed-up data. 

Step: 07> Now open the folders individually and start downloading the data for all users one by one.

Limitations of using Data Export Tool for G- suite backup

You might find the above steps easy. But users are looking for the G suite email backup software because they don’t have control over it. You can’t change its requirements. Some of the limitations are:

·         Once the process begins, I can't be able to stop, pause or resume it.

·       You can’ be able to use this feature for the subsequent 30 days after the data backup commences.

·       It is a time-consuming move because it takes nine days to get the confirmation link from Google. 

·      There is no feature to select the data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. You are not able to add from your side. 

·       Even the quantity of users and the users whose G Suite mail you want to back up are not selectable.

Professional solution for backup G suite data

As we know, applying a manual approach seeks various limitations, making this process long and complicated. Users require a clever method to make the backup of G Suite data quick and simple. To make the process faster, we need software like Aryson G Suite Backup Tool. This tool comes with many advanced features, like removing duplicate or copied emails during the backup process and helping to select the start date and end date to create a backup of a specific date. Moreover, many other features come with this software.

Now let’s check the steps of how G suite backup software works.

Complete Guide to creating backup G suite email with professional software are: 

Step: 01> First, download and install the Aryson G suite backup software in your system and run it as an administrator. 

Step: 02> Now enter your valid login credential for G suite.

Step: 03> Once you enter the login credential, hit the sign in with google

Step: 04> Now, select the account to create the backup. Click the Next button.

Step: 05> In a new screen, you will find different options for G suite backup.

Step: 06> From the shown wizard, select Gmail from the checkboxes.

Step: 07> Select the saving file format from the software interface's lower left corner after that.

Step: 08> Choose program options like a date filter and a naming convention, and skip duplicate emails.

Skip Duplicate Emails: This feature helps its users who want to ignore duplicate emails from the backup process.

Naming convention: This feature helps to save the resultant file with desired date format.

Date filter: Select this option to save a copy of the chosen emails. For this, provide the beginning and end dates.

Step: 09> Now, click the Next button to proceed with the process.

Step: 10> Select the saving location by clicking on the Destination path button.

Step: 11> Finally, click the Download button to back up the G Suite emails.

Step: 12> To stop the backup, press the Stop button.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have covered all the reasons to get backups of your G Suite data. I also covered the best manual method and its limitations. Tells you about the most efficient way to back up G Suite by using professional software and how it works.

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