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How to Move OneDrive to Another OneDrive in 2022


OneDrive, an excellent cloud service from Microsoft, offers users 5GB of free storage space to store various kinds of files, such as documents, videos, music files, photos, screenshots, and so on. By using OneDrive, users can access their files without limitations of time and place. Meanwhile, compared to hard drives, OneDrive is more cost-effective and convenient to expand storage space.

Why Move OneDrive to Another OneDrive?

Even though OneDrive is a popular and smart cloud drive, sometimes users need to move files from one OneDrive account to another for various reasons, for instance:

·        After saving various data on your current OneDrive account, you find it troublesome to manage them and want to own another OneDrive account to store different data, like one for school stuff and the other for personal data.

·         You have run out of storage space on your current OneDrive account and don’t plan to upgrade it. To get more free storage space, you just sign up for another OneDrive account.

No matter what kinds of reasons, moving certain files from one OneDrive to another OneDrive is essential. But here is the question: how can you migrate data from one OneDrive account to another easily?

If you have the same problem, you can refer to this article that offers you a FREE and reliable cloud sync and transfer service named MultCloud to transfer files between OneDrive accounts in a hassle-free way.

How to Move OneDrive to Another OneDrive Effortlessly

Traditionally, users would choose to download files from one OneDrive account and then upload the downloaded files to another OneDrive account. It’s a manual way and users will find it cumbersome and time-consuming. Nowadays, with the development of cloud file managers, users can take advantage of these specialized tools to ease their transfer tasks.

And among these practical servicers, MultCloud is one of the most popular ones in the market, which offers users many useful features to migrate data between cloud drives effortlessly. As a smart cloud transfer tool, MultCloud supports more than 30 leading cloud drives and users can add them to MultCloud for free.

What does MultCloud support then? Well, there are many, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Google Workspace, Google Photos, Wasabi, SharePoint Online, MEGA, Amazon S3, NAS, and so on. After adding these cloud drives to MultCloud, users can manage them in one platform so that they don’t need to jump to different clouds frequently.

When users want to transfer files from one cloud to another, MultCloud offers many conveniences, for example:

·         10 Treads of Migration Speed. MultCloud owns the industry-leading transmission speed when it starts to move data across cloud drives. Even if users have a large number of files to move, MultCloud can achieve the goal quickly and seamlessly.

·         Transfer Files Directly without Downloading. MultCloud provides users with a direct way to migrate data without downloading and uploading. Thus, users don’t need to go through that troublesome and time-consuming process.

·         Automatic Transfers. There are 4 options for users to choose from if they want to make scheduled transfer tasks, such as running transfers at a specific time, daily, weekly, or monthly. After setting up, the task will be run on time.

As you can see, you can really enjoy many wonderful features that MultCloud shows you. Now, you can follow the steps in the following part to learn the best way to move OneDrive to another OneDrive:

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account via your email. Alternatively, you can use your Google account to log in simply.

Step 2: After signing in, you can add the OneDrive accounts you use by heading to Add Cloud. MultCloud just doesn’t limit how many cloud accounts you can add.

Step 3: Press the Cloud Transfer button on the left-hand taskbar then, and tap the first box to choose one OneDrive account and the second box to select another OneDrive. At last, Transfer Now.

In this way, files from one OneDrive account can be moved to another OneDrive without any effort. Similarly, when you intend to transfer all Google Drive files from one account to another, you can refer to the steps above and re-select the first and second cloud drives.


Anyway, MultCloud just offers users a free and smart way to move OneDrive to another account without a cumbersome download-and-upload process. On top of transferring, MultCloud is also a cloud-to-cloudbackup service. When users plan to back up data from one cloud to another, it can also offer help.

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