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Pixiz: Everything You Need To Know About Pixiz

Pixiz is a photo editing app to create photo on collages and photo montages for free of cost. Tech Hubs Media let you know how you can create montages and collages with the photos that you have saved on your Android phone? Pixiz is an online photo editing tool that work as video and photo editing app and provide most amazing, funny and unique photos that are unforgettable for you.

What is Pixiz? 

Pixiz is a free photo editor app where you find a number of templates to choose and create intuitive, unique and dynamic collages. Its use very simple, you need to just upload the photo you want to want to retouch, after that you find a number of frames and affects you can apply on your uploaded photo. You can do what you like best and wait for a second for the photo to be completely ready and that after save it on your smart phone.

Features of Pixiz:

Pixiz has some features as:

Make Funny:

With the help of Pixiz becoming bodybuilder, astronaut, magazine cover, or maybe even an animal is not a dream for you and use a variety of frames according to your needs and mood. You just put your face in that frame as your required and get result within second.

Easy To Use:

Pixiz use is very simple and easy and get amazing collages in a second. You just need to choose frame and upload your photo and get amazing results within a second.

Browse endless library:

In Pixiz you can find different types of frames, they update their library not on a weekly basis but on a daily basis. So wait if you want to send New Year and Christmas wishes to someone then you can send by using mesmerizing effects of Pixiz photos and video. 

Get a variety of frames and filters with Pixiz

In Pixiz, you can find a number of frames and filters that you use to edit your photos with native tools and you don't need to download app for this. In pixiz app make your photo with the brightness, contrast, or saturation.

It constantly adds some effect

In Pixiz app we retouching photos and adding more effects just got easier. Pixiz app features and functionalities updated time to time or time basis.

Other features you can enjoy using Pixiz photo editor tools is filtering your pictures and choosing from the filtering options available on the platform. These options include HDR, Clayton, 3D Cube, Santiago, and many filter options that are available here.

How to Make a Photo Collage Using Pixiz?

Firstly you need to enable Adobe Flash to use the Pixiz portal if your Adobe Flash will be turned off by default. To enable it on chrome go to this URL: chrome: //settings/content/flash and enable the adobe option.

·    Visit Pixiz.com and go “Photo Collage or Photo montage” depending on what you want to do.

·       Then accept the Adobe Flash pop-up option.

·       All photos editing tools will be shown and you will be able to add and edit your photos.

·      Then you “Upload Image” to select photo on your phone or computer and you want to edit or use the webcam option to capture an image using your computer and phone camera.

You can create a PhotoGrid or photo collage when your photo is uploaded. And you have edited your photo using Pixiz, then Save this photo with save button and montage button on the bottom right.

Pixiz App for Android

You can also use Pixiz app on your Android phone. You can installed pixiz app in your android phone editing directly your photo without using the official Pixiz.com portal.

·         Open your Google Play Store app on your phone

·         Write "Pixiz" in search box and click the search button

·     Click the “Install” button to download and install the free photo collages and photo montages Pixiz.


In this post we have to covered all points about how to give a new and amazing look to your photo by using various effects and frames provided by Pixiz. It is a free photo editor app that allows you to create montages and collages with photos with your required and saved to your smart phone.

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