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How to convert PST to PDF with attachments on Mac

I brought this article to you due to the most frequently asked question, "How do I convert an Outlook email to PDF". We are aware that Outlook creates an OLM file for Mac and a PST file for Windows to store data. But Apple's customer service is often regarded as superior, and Apple does an excellent job of supporting its devices. For this reason, people are moving away from Windows and toward Mac and want to export PST files to PDF. So, in this blog, we will learn the techniques to convert PST to PDF. 

Before moving to the techniques, let us know some reasons for converting Outlook PST files into PDFs. Without diving into deep, let’s start the topic.

Reasons to convert Outlook data files to PDF

As we know that Mac is known for its services and offers various services to its users that are incredible in themselves. There might be multiple reasons for converting the PST files into PDF files depending upon the users' requirements. Probably the most widely recognized factors are referenced beneath.

  • The PDF files can be accessed on any operating device.
  • It is hard to make changes to its formatting after converting PST into PDF.
  • No specific email client is required to open PST.
  • After PDF conversion, emails can be read and shared with any other email client.
  • The ability to backup and archive individual messages becomes practical and attainable. 
  • PDF is the most versatile file format that has become difficult to encrypt.

These are a few advantages of PST to PDF conversion and that’s why users want to export PST files to PDF. Now, we will discuss the methods that can be used to transfer PST to PDF. 

Ways to convert PST to PDF free on Mac

As far as we are aware, Mac is renowned for offering the best services to its users. Here, you can manually transfer PST to PDF using only Outlook for Mac. This migration can be completed in two steps. 

Step 1: Transfer the PST file to Mac Outlook

  • Launch Outlook for Mac and select the import tab.
  • Choose Outlook for Windows Archive File(.pst), then click Continue.
  • Select the PST file that you wish to convert and click on the Import button.
  • After completing the migration task, hit Finish.
  • Now, in the "My Computer" section, you can see and access the imported PST data.

Step 2: Convert PST to PDF via Mac Outlook

  • Open Mac Outlook and select the email that you want to save as a PDF.
  • Pick the Print option by performing a right-click on that email.
  • Select PDF format from the drop-down menu and click on Save As PDF.
  • Set the saving path for your output file and click on the Save to Complete button to convert the Outlook data file to PDF.

By performing the above-mentioned steps, users can export PST to PDF for free. But the manual method requires lots of time and good technical knowledge. It has various limitations and therefore most of the users are switching towards the automated solution with Outlook PST Converter.

Limitations of the manual approach

The manual techniques have some drawbacks in converting PST to PDF. Some of them are listed below.

  • It can not convert multiple or bulk PST files into PDFs in a single click.
  • These steps are drawn out and challenging, necessitating extra care and attention during this migration task.
  • OLM is made available on Macs, and PST is used by Outlook to store data. Therefore, the user must convert PST into OLM before converting them into PDF.
  • Users have to exclude duplicate emails one by one and this is the most annoying task.

These are some limitations of the manual approaches, In this instance, we enlist the assistance of any automated Outlook PST Converter for Mac that can easily export PST files to PDF.

An automated solution to Convert PST to PDF free

We need a lot of technical expertise to complete this manual task, but a professional PST Converter Tool for Mac is much worthy. Many technical experts and professionals suggest using an automated solution on instead of the manual approach. Because it takes less time and does the PST to PDF Conversion in a couple of steps.

It is very simple to use—just adhere to the directions

  • Open Outlook PST Converter Tool for Mac.
  • Click the browse button and open the PST files to convert them into PDF.
  • Select the items that you wish to convert and choose PDF from the save as drop-down menu.
  • You can also opt for the additional features available there.
  • Finally, hit the convert button to initialize the conversion of PST into PDF.

Wrap up

In this article, we talked about some common methods to convert PST to PDF. The manual approach is limited and not as worthwhile. While using an automated Outlook PST Converter gives you highly accurate results. It performs bulk conversion of PST into PDF by eliminating duplicate emails without any data alteration.

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