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5 Tips to build an audience on Instagram

Instagram is the most visited social network by U.S users. With over 1 billion active people on Instagram, businesses can't afford not to be on this platform.

However, it's not enough to just create an account; your presence on Instagram should have a purpose. If you're using Instagram for business, you should ask yourself:

     Why should people follow you?

     Why should your followers keep coming back?

This post will discuss best Instagram practices to help you grow your audience. Let's see what we can do.

Why is Instagram a Platform Worth Targeting?

It's not surprising that Instagram is a top social media platform with more than a billion active users. Nearly half of all US brands have an account on this platform, and you must understand why.

Instagram is an accessible platform that allows users to upload images and stories of any type. Its hashtag system makes it easier to find followers and navigate niche markets.

This platform excels at encouraging engagement. You'll get, on average, 58 times more attention from each follower than on Facebook and 150 times more than on Twitter.

An Instagram account can help increase visibility for your brand, allow you to use visual marketing, increase engagement and possibly increase your position in search engines. This requires more than just a profile on the social media site; you'll also need to maintain it.

Our top Instagram business tips have been compiled to help you market your business.

1. Use hashtags: 

     Hashtags are a crucial part of Instagram's success in attracting attention. So many brands don't use hashtags effectively, choosing broad hashtags instead of narrowing them down to those relevant to their audience. It is essential to select hashtags with care.

  It will be difficult for your hashtags to stand out if you target too many people, and your posts will be lost in the sea of thousands of others. Most users will ignore your post because it isn't relevant.

 Suppose you are running a social media campaign to promote vegan cookbooks. Your posts will be seen even by those who don't care about vegan food. However, many people interested in vegan food won't be able to see your posts.

     Use hashtags such as #VeganRecipes and #VeganFood to make your posts more useful. People explicitly looking for vegan content will see your posts and follow you.

    2. Do not underestimate the power of stories: 

     It's time to start using Instagram Stories as part of your marketing strategy. Instagram Stories are arguably the most creative and fun part of Instagram, and they are also a great way to share and see your posts by millions of daily users. 

     Using stories highlights and showcases content you probably wouldn't share on your regular Instagram feed. For example, you don't have to share happy hours on a restaurant's page. However, creating compelling Instagram stories is a great way to showcase your specials and promote your curated feed.

     Instagram Stories are only available for 24 hours (unless highlighted).

    3. Post regularly: 

  To attract followers and increase engagement rates, brands need to be active. But how active?

     Studies show that 1-2 posts per day are the ideal frequency. Your feed will stay fresh and relevant, and your content will be more popular. It is essential to know the best time for you to post on Instagram, especially with Instagram's algorithmic timeline.

     The time experts recommend for posting can vary greatly depending on who you are listening to, and this inconsistency can confuse content planners. Some advocate 8 AM to 9 AM, 2 PM – 5 PM, or even 5 PM for your first post.

    4. Engage in community:

     Instagram is not a sales tool, it’s a social media platform. Learn to socialize.

  You must respond to all comments made by others. It's a great way of building a community on Instagram by responding to comments.

 Engage prompts are another great way to encourage interaction. In Instagram Stories, you can play with interactive stickers such as questions, polls, and sliding scale rankings.

     Use your caption to ask people questions and encourage them to comment. Although it may seem cheesy, think of it as a real conversation. It would be strange to talk to someone instead of talking with them.

     UGC (user-generated content) is an excellent way for your followers to show their support and encourage more people to connect with you. Ask your community to share their memorable moments and experience with you on Instagram.

 Your community is unique, so your content should be tailored to their interests. Find out how to calculate and track your Instagram engagement rates to keep an ear on what's working.

    5. Consider Contests: 

Hosting giveaways and contests is a great strategy to increase your Instagram followers.

Although a giveaway can often be enough to increase your followers, some best practices can help you boost your brand awareness.

  1. Encourage contestants and others to share the post to receive more entries.
  2. To win the giveaway, you must be a follower of your account.
  3. All contestants must tag a minimum number of friends in their posts. 

Despite being an expense, giving away free stuff can pay off many times. You can retain new followers easier if you hold contests semi-regularly.


Brands of all sizes can use these Instagram best practices to reach new audiences or elevate their account's visibility.
Although it's not easy to set up a business account, we are willing to bet that you will still follow many brands through your account.
90% of Instagram users do. While we don't recommend tracking your favorite companies, you can consider why they are worth following and use that to inspire you. Combine that inspiration with our guidelines to create an Instagram marketing strategy specific to your company.

These best practices will help you make Instagram work for your business, increase your brand's visibility on Instagram, get new followers, and drive audience interaction.


Sumi Shrivastava

She  is an SEO enthusiast and works as a content writer at True Tech Journal. She is a Post Graduate in Construction Technology & Management. She enjoys traveling and trying new cuisines. She is a trained classical dancer. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends. 


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