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Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro 2017

Excellent gaming headphones, the Astro A40 TR MixAmp Pro are purportedly console-locked to either the PS4 or Xbox One. They are well-made and really comfortable for extended gaming sessions. They have decent audio quality but too much bass. For online multiplayer gaming, they have a fantastic microphone, and their dock has useful controls. Sadly, the headset is somewhat large. It won't be the best to use in a noisy area because of the open-back design. 


The Astro A40 and Astro A50 have extremely similar designs, however the Astro A40 is a wired headset and has a distinct color palette. With their clunky and flamboyant appearance, they feel and look like gaming headphones, which is why they won't be very useful outside. Positively, you can take the microphone out of the A40 but not the A50. These headphones stand out yet seem to be well-made and robust. The black version of the PS4 device is compatible with the Xbox One, whereas the white version is not.


The Astro A40 traps as much heat as the Astro A50 despite being open-back headphones officially. Although there will be a little temperature differential generally, it won't be too heated. Airflow is nevertheless significantly obstructed by the pads' effective closure around the ears. Although they won't be a suitable choice for working out with since they are not sports headphones, this shouldn't be a significant issue when playing video games.

The Headphones' Controls

The button arrangement, ergonomics, amount of functions offered and control system for the headphones, and tactile feedback quality. If you want to make phone calls, stop your music, or adjust the level without having to touch your audio device. As for Astro A40, It has some limitations as mentioned below:

  •  Regarding OS compatibility, it is not OS specific.
  •  As for ease of use, It is good but no call or music controls.
  •  Volume control is given.
  •  Microphone control is given as mute or unmute.
  •  The big question is noise cancelling control which is not in features.
  •  It does have additional controls presets and surround sound technology.

A multi-purpose button that may be used to answer calls, play or stop music, and adjust the volume are commonly included in headphones with built-in controls. More features and choices, such noise-cancelling switches, talk-through settings, or touch-sensitive input techniques, are available with certain headphones.


It relates to how pleasant and enjoyable headphones are to wear over an extended period of time. There are many varieties of headphones, including: While earbuds and in-ears are put into the ear to various depths and sometimes completely within, over-ears and on-ears feature ear-cups that rest around or on the earsand frames that rest on top of the head. They have neckbands to keep them in place. No matter the kind, comfy headphones shouldn't make you feel stressed, exhausted, or in discomfort even after extended usage.

Although comfort is contextual and varies from person to person, there are several design features that the majority of people prefer to look for. Weight, padding,frame tightness and headband tension, tend to influence how comfortable over-ear or on-ear headphones are, especially over long listening sessions. For in-earsandearbuds, the softness and flexibility of the earbuds, the depth they fit snugly into the ear canal, and the amount of pressure they apply on the ear are often determining factors. impact comfort as well.


The Astro A40 TR Xbox One gaming headphones are incredibly large. Although they are not very portable, you can disconnect the microphone if you ever want to use them outdoors and they do not need the MixAmp. The dimensions of Astro A40 are as:

  •          L 7.2" (18.3 cm) X W 7.5" (19.1 cm) X H 4.0" (10.2 cm)
  •          216.00 in3 (3,539.59 cm3) of volume
  •          Transmitter is not necessary

Although the cups can't be folded into a more manageable shape, they can be swiveled to lie flat, which makes it simpler to tuck them away in a bag. These gaming headphones shouldn't be used outside of your gaming environment and should spend most of their time there.

Build Quality 2017

The Astro A40 TR MixAmp Pro gaming headphones have excellent construction. The structure seems solid and the materials utilized are of the highest quality. Due to their density, the cups should withstand a few inadvertent drops without suffering too much harm. However, similar to the Astro A50, the headband only has a plastic mid-section that rests on the head, making it rather open and hollow. Although it is flexible, it doesn't seem as durable as a typical headband, particularly ones with a metal frame.


Since they are not particularly sturdy, these headphones are only suitable for gaming and light listening. If you wear the headphones while engaging in any physical activity, they wobble a lot since they don't fit your head too tightly and have hefty, thick ear cups. As a result, they won't be ideal for jogging since they weren't made for that use.

What is In the Box

The box contains:

  •          Astro A40 TR headphones
  •          MixAmp Pro
  •          USB to micro-USB cable
  •          1/8” TRRS cable
  •          Optical cable
  •          Daisy chain cable
  •          Manuals

Microphone and Battery

Mic is not integrated. It does not contain battery or any power saving feature. These do not need a battery because are passive headphones.

App Support

The Astro A40 Command Center is a user-friendly and effective support tool, however it is deficient in a few functions. It has a fantastic visual equalizer that you can link to the MixAmp's EQ button to cycle through many stored settings.

Additionally, you may make your own EQ presets. You may also manage the noise gate and mic volume using the microphone tab. The Logitech G635 and Logitech G935 with the Logitech G Hub have more configurable settings than the EQ, which has only 5 bands.

Astro Command Center App has following features:

  •          Available for MacOS and Windows only
  •          Equalizer has graphic and presets
  •          Mic control is adjustable
  •          No playback control
  •          No button mapping


The Bluetooth functionality of these gaming headphones is incompatible. The A40 almost have zero latency due to its connected connection, which is perfect for playing video games and streaming videos without lag.

Case Closed!

Gadgets are really a personal choice. Before making any purchase, you need to study what you need? What is your total budget? Can you avail sale discounts? It will be wise to research and read reviews before any purchase.

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