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What's The Difference Between UI Design And UX Design?

UI and UX Design are the two terms which are most commonly used in app development process, but both mean to be different and stand different in the complete app development journey. When any business wants to build their business app, the first thing which is crucial is the app structure and the second is the UI and UX design of the app. If you don't structure the UI and UX of the app, the whole development process is a complete waste. Thus, these two are essential.

UX design refers to “User experience design” and UI refers to “User Interface design”. Both of these elements are important and are closely interlinked with each other.

To know more about UI and UX design, you can contact your mobile app design company for further procedure.

In this post, we will be talking about the difference between UI Design and UX design in brief.

What Is UI Design?

When we talk about UI design, it prioritizes user's visual experience. An app having a good user interface is reliable, impressive, and easy to use. The user interface is one of the critical part of app development process, thus it should be taken seriously by the company you are choosing.

A user will only love your business app if its user interface is impressive and interactive. These days we all know, customers have become tech-savvy and to understand their browsing habits and the things they like is very important.

The limit of UI is in more tangible way as compared to UX, as it focus on its name interface.

What Is UX Design?

UX design is another important element that makes your app stand in this competitive crowd. Basically, it is a process of creating interactive designs between users and websites/apps. In simple, it is developing engaging products that provide meaningful and relevant experience to the users.

If you want to make your product interesting, impressive and user-engaging, you can connect with your UI UX design company and get your development phase proceed.

The combination of UX and UI shapes your entire experience of a product. While two comparable products might get you the same end result, their UX/UI reflects how they provide it. If one of the products has better UX/UI design than the other, people are going to use it more because they prefer the overall experience.

Major Difference Between UI And UX Design

As we know, both UI and UX design are inter-linked to each other, but there is major difference between them. Let us discuss these differences.

   When we talk about user interface, it refers to a visual element that allow users to interact with a product. On the other hand, it is about the feelings and emotions user experience when interacting with a product.

     User interface focuses on the look and feel of the product-typography, color, images and many more. When we talk about user experience, it focuses on the overall user-friendliness of the user journey.

    The main goal of integrating user interface is to make products more usable, appealing, and optimized for different screen sizes. 

   UI and UX go firmly hand in hand, and there are a million of examples of great product with one and not in others. We can understand this by an example: UI designing is like icing on UX cake. So, to look at the basic difference, we can say that when we talk about product design, both UI and UX plays an important role.

You should try to provide each and every thing your users want from your business. While designing your app, ensure that text, images, and layout all fits well in the screen and your user don’t face any issue while browsing your app.

When it comes to product design, both UI and UX should be implemented in this competitive market.


Well, developing an app for your business is not an easy task. If you are running a business and planning to develop an app for your business, you need to plan out. There are plenty of mobile app design agency from whom you can avail UX and UI design services. There is a lot of difference when we talk about UI and UX design. Knowing these differences, it will help us to know how these two elements can help our business app in gaining huge customer base for our business. 

Hopefully, this post has helped you in knowing the basic difference of UI and UX design and how these elements are crucial for app development process.

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