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5 Important Question To Ask Your Event Planner

 "Numerous events are hosted everyday, but only a few achieve their goals."

It may seem weird, but a bitter truth of the global event industry and even Singapore too. 

So, it's important to possess the skills necessary to manage, plan, and execute an event. That is why professional help from an event planner in Singapore matters a lot. Compared to non-specialists, they can organize an influential event with experience and expertise.

But, whoever you hire, in-depth knowledge of the event industry is required. So, how can you decide which is the right company for executing a successful event?

Simply, you can ask a few questions before sticking to an event planning company. Below, we have mentioned the top 5 questions to ask a planner or an event planning firm.  

The Role Of An Event Planner

Before directly moving to the questions list, let's understand the role of event planner. 

So, starting with the primary role of a planner, they ensure that everything related to the program is taken care of. It includes promoting an event to take audience feedback, from making the idea conception to managing the logistics. Eventually, the team of planners is charged with bringing visions and creating experiences for guests.

Event planners organize different event like;

     Corporate events

     Product screenings

     Live stream

     Annual conferences

     Job fairs, etc. 

5 Questions You Should Ask To An Event Planner 

Hosting an event is a great way of growing your business and approaching new clients. But, the internet is full of event planners in your town!

You might be wondering if there is any way to decide which planner is best and under budget. 

To ease your work, we have mentioned the list of most important questions that everyone should ask their event planners.

Q#1. How Do You Prioritize Different Tasks?

Whenever you look for event production in Singapore, the first thing to confirm is how they organize events. It includes asking about their work process, dedication towards commitment, whether they deliver work on deadlines, etc. In the end, for a successful event, you need a multitasking team.

When it comes to event planning, the planner has to be very attentive as well as an expert in the same field. So, try to understand their working procedure. Also, don't hesitate to put demands in front of the company. You must know whether their team has the ability to organize your event properly on "Prime Dates," too.

Some important questions:

     Are they able to work on deadlines?

     How would they separate urgent or less important work?

     If required, how would they re assess work?

Q#2. Can You Manage Social Media Promotions? 

As you know, event planning also demands high communication and promotions. So before hiring an event planner, ensure they can handle your event's social media promotions. Ask them queries related to event promotions, such as;

     How would their team manage social media marketing?

    Are they going to charge extra costs for promotions? If yes, then how much?

     Do you have a capable team to handle social media accounts?

Clear all your queries related to social media campaigns or strategies for the promotion of an event. If you are satisfied, then move forward with an event planner or the event planning company.

The planners should be better communicators on screen time as well as face-to-face. You can ask for testimonials or reviews from their previous clients.

Q#3. What Price Do You Charge For Event Planning?

This is one of the most important questions to ask from a planner or company. Before hiring them, you must know if they fit well in your budget or not.

For example, if you are conducting a live stream in Singapore then their processing would be different, and so do their charges. Every event has different planning and structure, so the event team charges fees accordingly.

Ask your event production company a few questions;

     What are their fees for event planning?

     Is there any hidden cost in between the event planning process?

     Will they help if any emergency occurs at the last minute?

Q#4. Are You Comfortable Providing Contracts, Transparent Payment Processing, Or Professional Services?

This will help you to know how professional the event planning company is. Also, you will get an idea of how the company treats their client. Moreover, it's a great idea to know the transparency of the entire process.

Start reviewing by asking a few questions;

     Do they provide transparency to clients on each step of event planning?

     What is the mode of payment they accept?

     How much advance do they need?

     Will they provide you a non-biased contract? 

Some event planners request a 50% of advance payment. At the same time, others ask clients to pay through cheques only.

We suggest contacting the event planning head directly and clearing all your queries. Or, if you are doubtful, then ask them to create a contract including important points related to organizing an event. 

Q#5. What Makes Them Aware Of Latest Event Industry Trends?

Before organizing an event, clients must know that their event is planned as per the latest trends.

Note that every year there is something that adds to the trend list. So, to approach a larger audience, your event must consist of important factors. For a successful event, the planning team must have all details about what's going on in the event industry.

To clear all your doubts, ask your event planners about;

     How do they stay up to date on the event industry's trends?

     Do they have the latest technology?

     What are the latest strategies they will apply to approach audiences? 

To get the greatest results, you need to go with the flow. So, a good event production company will guide you regarding the latest approaches for engaging the target audience.


So, you have read the 5 most important things that you must ask your event planner before hiring them. Asking them on priority will save you from stress and a lot of misunderstandings.

Once you have a clear idea of a company's working, cost, leverages, and knowledge they have, you can move forward. Make a contract and mention your demands on it and finalize a deal with an event planning company.

Is this your first time hiring an event planner?

Well, we wish you all the very best and hope this guide has helped you to get in the right direction.

Thank you for reading!

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